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4 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Snse. I. Cns. 2, 3. 1913. Expogm" hiehth shall be tarifforcustomsdut shall be admii:)tI;<l1}f:)eI; of the p t of gpgygzuéxog fees, or c d ch regul tions as _ _ easury _ _ ¤•1¤¤¤>·¤¤***•¤- &l€:;si>1ut it shall be lawful at any time during the expqsmon to sell, for de at the close thereof, any or pro _ rty imported for and wm on exhibition in the expositwn or on the grounds, subject to such_ regulations for the security of the revenue and for the collection of ZIID rt duties as the of the {°',,,';’,'f,'§‘,,,t,,,.,,,,,,,;, ury ma? prescribe: Thatthalltjsiiciligdméticles when gcgld gr w;tl;1(; dra nsum ti e ni tates su jec _ M thevihlitgfiiio any, iin tmsgd iisliialiilsuch articles by the revenue laws m force at the date elm withdrawal ; and on such articles which have suifered diminution or deterioration from incidental handhng and necessary exposure the duty, if paid, be assessed according to the appraised vdlne at the time of withdrawal for consumption or use, and the nalties prescribed by law shall be enforced against any person gusgy of any illegal sale, use, or withdrawal. Approved, May 22, 1913. i%‘?°¤?»i·¤"i G.°“"ma%z.£¤£.$.h§‘:§““.¤¤m"g‘5'.2£2““°”·ti.a.ti‘“, ..;'J.‘§.";';’.. fi‘..;'i‘.i.2’.i’.i’.?‘.‘i“f..m°* , {mum, Na ai and for other purposes. cm Be itenadedby thegcnateandHm4seqf' ent§zt%es¢p•'the Uniéed ,m,,,,p,,,,,,,°‘,° States Amen] emgrees ass , e o o sums e, N.- and tho; same arewliereby, appropriated, for the objects fereinafter expressed, for the glscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, nam y: mm'1`*;_¤¤¤¤’ D•1>°**· UNDER THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. mum mnamp. mmuo nnnmmes. am»vu1¤,s.c. igbbeville, Canpliéig, post office: For completion of building resent t, , . an¤¤¤¤.x¤¤a `mAb1ilg1ije, _Kz;nls1as0b(p0st office: For completion of building under resent mit . ummm P Alameilda, églzifeorisba, post omce: For completion of building under ent `mit 5, . L,,,,,m,,,T,,_ ; lo,dTexas, posizmcilfiicg and courthouse: For continuation of ` un er present 't 12,000. A,,,,,,,,,_C.,,,,,_ ignsonia, (EolpIp11e§u§1;,0(p(;ist office: For continuation of building un er presen _ , , . imma cny, Am. grkansas post office: For continuation of building un er presen , . anna, mn. Athoalkhlilaissgcgpggttts, post officez For completion of building under — resen , . aetum, N.r. P Auburn, Nlew York, post office and courthouse: For completion of enlargeiipientt, eazgrasiogn, remodeling, or improvement of building under presen nn , , . Rm- For re tof tem or arte f th d ti fGo - ment oflileiials at Aiiibgfligew Y?>rl;)r$7,%c0mm0 84 on 0 vom susnmea bu;}g§1u¥(§ta,dGlec;)rg1a, p<i;1;1i<;Hi;{>50m0<i)0counhouse: For completion of un e resen , , , A¤***¤» Tu- 'gggas, post office: For completion of building under present B**¤*¤‘*°¢=¤·G°- un]g8iiIl,bl’lllg6€• p)gs)t office: For commencement of building er resen nn , , . B°“"°°"¤· KY- 1I§s§ttu§&<gbg6>st office: For commencement of building $611 7 I '