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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 211 rovide uarters for all vernmental oses in that cit ; Provided, "'°"‘·’°- That said post-office bugging togetheiilvlgigh any additiongl accommo- wmm mndm dations herein authorized, shall be constructed within the limit of co? fixed for (paid building. { bh bud th _ d e airs an preservation 0 pu °c dings: An orit is ante en "‘;“"m to mgke payment for materials and work supplied dmizirg tlg Hscal cniiaym no m year endinghJune thirtieth, nineteen hundred and twelve, in connec- V°l‘ 36* "138°‘ tion with e Treasury Building and its grounds, from the appropriation for "Repairs and preservation of public buildings, nineteen undred and twe ve," in amount $769.05. For necessary repairs and painting and for such interior alterations P§n';g1*é°,}l},§n_°”‘ and rearrangements and iitti? as may be required to adapt the Fimugggoldlrgilold building of the Bureau of ngraving and Printing for the accom- §’°' ` modation o the offices of the Auditors for the Navy, Interior, State and Other Departments, now occupyin rented quarters, and for the office of the Auditor for the Treas Bepartment, now occupying quarters in the main Treasury B , including the necessary moving expenses, the work to be done y June tlurtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, in order that the rented quarters may be vacated on that date, $40,000. . To pay amount found due for architects for services performed in sP°°‘*"°P°*'°· connection with special repairs of the Treasury Building, $540. For compensation (not exceeding in the aggregate $15,000 and at dt;¤¤¤ *¤ •·1••¢ azhmgpctlhly competpsaltipn not )exce3ding $300 each, to bp fixed by e etaryo e easury,an travehng` o ntsto select and recommend sites that have been authorized byliw for pgglgiaobuildmg, for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen,


connncrmc INTERNAL nmvmwun. marmmvmm. For salaries and expenses of forty revenue agents provided for by ·*"“*‘·'“°""·°“°· kzw, and fegs and expenses of gaugiiugzgalaries and expe}1:;sesd<;>_f§tore5 eepers an storekeeper-gaugers, ear nineteen un e an thirteen, $6,500. y

 smnvron. s,,,*‘,,°,,,,'f““°‘°“"°'

To sup ly a deficiency in the a riation for of the P•y.•\¤· Revenue·gutter Service, including silludliiects of expenditure authorized in said appropriation for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, $4,857. Lmn-savmo snsvrom. L“*“"'“‘* “°"*°°· To reimburse the appropriation for expenses of the Life-Savi:5 ,,£°"°‘°'°°°°“""“ Service for the fiscal year endi? Jnme thirtieth, nmeteen hundr and thirteen, the amount expen ed therefrom in sending life-saving crews and boats, apparatus, and so forth, for the rescue and relief o the flood sufferers m the Middle West, $5,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. rnnuc nnnxrn snnvicn. ,§“b“° H°"°’ S"' Authority is granted to transfer the sum of $2,100 from the item ,,,,,T"$,}E'g,‘?` °' ‘”“" "For medical examinations, care of seamen, care and treatment of V°'·3°·P~1°°*· all other persons entitled to relief, and miscellaneous expenses other than marine hospitals, which are not included under special heads," for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and twelve, to e item "For freight, transplortation, and traveling expenses," for the fiscal year nineteen hun ed and twelve. COLLECTING rm: nnvnmm mon cnsroms. °“"°'°"°"*°°· To defray the exgnses of collecting the revenue from customs, °°u°°"““ '°""°"‘

ditional to e permanent appropriation for this p 

the al year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and , $150,000.