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SIX'I`Y·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 213 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. D*¤*’*°*°'°°l¤*¤”*¤- Exorsn Bonn: For three members of the Excise Board, at the §,g{’*gg*;°§,*g· rate of $2,400 tper annum each; clerk, at the rate of $1,500 per annum; ’ ` inspector, at e rate of $1,500 per annum; in all, $8,500, or so much thereof as may be necessary during the fiscal year nineteen hxmdred and fourteen. The Commissioners of the District of Columbia are hereby author- p,§`;,L¥‘§}‘§,d $,f,,,§f"‘ ized and directed to use so much as may be necessary of e appro- ,. iation of $4 800 contained in the District of Columbia appropria- V0!-37.1>·*40· fion Act for the fiscal 6(year ending June thirtieth nineteen undred and fourteen, approv March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, under the head of "Genera1 Expenses/’ subhead "Excise Board/' to pay the salaries of the four employees of the old Excise Board for services actually rendered by them from July Erst, nineteen hundred and thirteen, to August twenty-first nineteen hundred and thirteen both dates inclusive, at the rates of compensation set forth in the law said appropriation, and the said appropriation is hereby made available for this purpose. (‘.onom·m’s orrrcn: For amount required to pay the dem coroner for services during the absence of the coroner for the years that follow: For hundred and thirteen, $100. For mneteen hundred and twelve, $50. _ _ mmm mm'.; Couiémemredapzn mscnmamrons nxpmlnsms: ger gldntggggl ¤¤r¤¤¤r’s¤x>en¤¤¤. amo _ requir orcont' ente enseso thecoron so ce, . . WEE additional for advertising taxes in arrears, ‘*°"'°“"" ‘ For additional amount required to meet the objects set forth in the Iumdu °"°”°°°' appropriation for judicial expenses, $120. mm mms Ernrmrs: The appropriations for dust prevention, cleaninig streets, pmaQ'£..m.,,3;._ and snow removal or the fiscal years nineteen hundred an thirteen °‘°· and nineteen hundred and fourteen, are made available for purchase, maintenance, and repair of bicycles, and the action of the comm1s· sioners m heretofore authoridng expenditures for this purpose from the appropriation for the fiscal year nineteen hundred an thirteen is qpproved. _ I wml nrrs or Lmucr: For additional amount required to meet the objects set forth in the appropriations for wnts of lunacy for the fiscal years that follow: For nineteen hundred and thirteen, $650. For nineteen hundred and twelve, $4.75. SW, I , Noucn nr 1*UBuoA·n0N IN ormuno, nxrmcsxon, mm so roirrn, ruummtrmiaa or srnmms, aunts, nn so roars: Provided, That hereafter notice ""¢,·‘¥,‘{_‘§";;,,_m_ by ublication in all condemnation cases for the opening extension, w1d° ening, or straightening of any street, avenue road, laighway, alley, or minor street in the District of Columbia shall be by vertisement twice a week for two successive weeks in three daily newspapers published in the District of Columbia. 11;,, umm Home Iiwnnsraur. Hour: Scnoor.: For additional amount required for semi. maintenance, including purchase and, care of horses, wagons, and harness, $1,154.43. Bm of cmdmg Bonn or Crm.nnmN’s Goannmnsz For additional amount camum. required for board and care of children committed to the guardian- °“'°°‘°"“'°“· shi of the_Board of Children’s Guardians by the courts of the District of Columbia for the fiscal years that follow: For nineteen hundred and thirteen, $19,820.09. For nineteen hundred and twelve, $16.70. _ _ Emmm G mw Refund of erroneous collections: For amount required to refund tions mu¤¢¤e.° certain erroneous collections on acwunt of special assessments,