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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 215 NATIONAL Hour: ron DISABLED Vonuwrnnn Sowmns. HXggf¤*°°’ $°1<“°¤’ To pa the interest on the princi al sum f th d ent f the J-E·P°”*gl§· u Circuit Grourt of the United States,PEastern0DistiB·i<ii;1 O%mT6DIi)BSS8B, mgiimt j dgagainst the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers and in V°1‘37'p'°°2‘ favor of J. E. Parrish, being mterest on $21,139.12 from February fifteenth, nineteen hundred and four to September twenty-first, nineteen hundred and twelve, when the said principal sum of the judgment was paid into the hands of the clerk of the court, $10,907 .81. MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT. —*¤¤Y· Arming and equipping the militia, allotment Stat of Ohio: For g us|ii>re•1¤s·t replaeixgg military stores, sgipglies, and ealuipmentg lost by the by “°°°" Nation Guard of the State hio during e recent Hoods in Ohio during March and April, nineteen hundre and thirteen, $78,670.87. ’ QUABTEBKASTERIB nnranmmnr. *’¤D°· Rneurnn surrmms: Regular supplies of the &:Sartermaster’s R°‘“""°“’"°" Department, includingall objects mentioned under head in the Army appropriation ct for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, $250,000. nnnmr or surrnnnns Fnou rnoobs, Ama so roam. mngncerermu su¤'er· For the reimbursement of appropriations of the War De artment ,*‘°‘m‘°°"°"*°”° ·°‘ from which expenditures have been made in connection wiizh, or as www an incident to, the relief of sufferers from Hoods, tornadoes, and con- Hagrations in the and Ohio Valleys, Peach Tree Alabama, gnu m Nebraska during the year nineteen undred and thirteen, as o ows: Clothing and equipage, Hscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, G1¤¤¤l¤z·¤·1 equiv- $216,748.97; °•°· Regular supplies, fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, Resnw ¤¤¤v¤¤•· $23 643.05; Iincidental expenses, fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, !¤¤i¢•¤•·•¤¤v•¤•¤•· $2,444.56; Milezafe, fiscal years nineteen hundred and thirteen and nineteen winnhundr and fourteen, $4 486.96; _ ‘ Army transportation, Hscal year mneteen hundred and thirteen, '¤‘¤¤¤1¤¤¤¤¤¤· $177,055.94; Subsistence of the Army, fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, ¤¤¤¤¤¢·¤¤¤· $229,625.16; $4Water and sewers, Hscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, w"’°"‘“d “°"°”· 43.85; In au, $654,448.4%}. _ The amount above appropriated shall also be available for the °$}`,,fF,§°‘,,§§P° reimbursement of officers of the Army detailed by direction of the men. Secretary of War on duty in connection with the relief work hereinbefore mentioned of all such necessarily actual expenses of travel as may be approved by the Secretary o War as having been incurred by them in connection with such duiiy, over and above the allowances made for the same b law, and also or the reunbursement of enlisted men of the Army while detailed on dutisgg their living exnses over and above the commutation of su tence receivable K; them' · · - Action cl President The action of the Iilxecutive in authorizing or directing ¤Xp6¤d1— sppemiunneesd, tures from appropriations under the War, Navy, and Treasury Departments for the relief of sufferers from Hoods, tornadoes, and