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218 SIXTY-THIRD conennss. sms. L cs. ez. ms. and substituting electrically driven for steam-driven machinery, and mmm ¤¤t¤¤¤·- for other purposes incident thereto, $18,1§0; or in heu thereof authori’°°‘ ity to exchange or sell discarded machinery, copperk and material, and use the proceeds therefrom to complete this wor . P1¤¤¤N¤¤¤·¤¤ P¤¤=· Pnarr Narxomu. Panic: For maintenance, bridging, roads, and trails, fiscal year nineteen hundred and fomteen, $8,000. nnrams or aunmmes, m·rmuon—nmraarunm.

  • ’°“‘°¤°"‘°° B°“"' For new roof covering on Pension Office Building and for new rain

miiepm- spouts, fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $18,000. _ §‘§§jf,{;v M CAPITOL BUILDING: For work at Capitol and for general repairs thereof, including fl for the east an westfronts o the center of the Ca itcl and fo1·&§mate and House Office Buildings; flagstalfs, halyards, and tackle, wages of mechanics and labore1s e, mamtenance, and of office vehicle, and not exce g $100 for the purchase of techmcal and necessary reference books and city directory, $1,650. ugeputmaat ee me- DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. A¤*·¤¤¤¤,*·> -***·•*· Orrrcn or ’1'@`A’1'DORNEY Gmmnn.: For salary of the Assistant vdanqmmwa. to the Attorney General, which is hereby fixed at the rate of $9,000 per annum; in addition to the $7,000 eretofore aippropriated, for the balance of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and ourteen, $1,500, or so much thereof as may be necessary. °*¤¤'•=¤¤¤· For two charwomen, at the rate of $240 each per annum, for the balance of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $360, or so much thereof as may be necessary.

§$ Commeuur nxrnnsrs: For books for law library in the office of

mnt or Labor- the Solicitor for the Department of Labor, for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $500. F°’¤“°'°· For fumiture and repairs, including carpets, file holders, and cases, mm forFthe fiscadl year nineteendlhundred pnd fouxétleen, $1,000i 61 1 ormisce aneous expen 'tures, inc ud1ng` t a hmg' , u , ts, foreign postage, labor, repairs of buildings, carggii-f groimds, bodig of reference, periodicals, typewriters and adding machines and exchange of same, street car tickets not excee ing $200, and other necessaries directly ordered by the Attorney General, for the fiscal R year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $1,200. °“" For rent of buildings and parts of buildmgs in the District of Colum— bia for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $3,000. .§f°°°°““°"°‘°““‘°°* Dmrncjrron amp rnosmcvnou or cnmns: For the detection and prosecution of crimes against the United States; the investigation of the official acts, records, and accounts of marshals, attorneys, clerks, and referees of the United States courts and the Territorial courts, and United States commissioners, for which purpose all the oHicial pgpers, records, and dockets of said officers, without exception, shall examined by the agents of the Attome General at any time; for the protection of the person of the Premdrent of the United States; for such other investigations regarding official matters under the control of the Department of Justice as may be directed by the Attomey General, including not to exceed $10,000 for necessary employees at the seat of government, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General for Escal years that follow: For nineteen hundred and thirteen, $20,000. For nineteen hundred and twelve, $866.62. R_§_ °‘ mm F »•• Rrgronrs Am: Drorsrs: For purchase of one hundred and eighty copies of volume mne of the Digest to the Federal Reporter, to_ complete sets now furnished to various judicial officers, fiscal year mneteen hundred and fourteen, $900.