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SIXTY~THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 225 Improvements of existing aids in Puget Sound, and so forth, Wash- W§§,§?‘ S°“¤“: °'°·· ington: For aids to navigation and improvements of existing aids in Pngt Sound and adjarcent waters, Washington, $30,000. _ provement of arrior Rock Liggit tation, Columbia River, ,m‘§_Y@,§,j’°(§;egf’°· Oregon: For improvement of Warrior ock Light Station, Columbia. River, Oreigon including the purchase of additional land, $2,000. Pierhea lights, and so forth, Oconto Harbor, Wisconsin: For a pier- °°°“”°· W‘*· head light and lighted buoy at Oconto Harbor, Wisconsin, $5,000. Point Arena Light Station, California: For the comnpletion of the P°“"*`·’°°°·°”· unfinished portion of the Government road from Ro erville to the Point Arena Lighthouse Mendocino County, California, $3,000. Necessary additional lend for light stations and cg:-aipots authorized ,,,,,Ij°““’ '°’ “‘°“°"’· to be ac uired imder the Act of Congress approv March fourth, w{’1¤ggg¤¤;¤w{w· nineteemliundred and thirteen, may hereafter lie urchased from the pam. g nm °x' appropriation “General expenses, Lighthouse Si>rvice," no single V°‘· 3’· P· ml'- acquisition of such additional land to cost in excess of $500, the total me be expended for this service not to exceed $3,000 in any one year. Beacon lights Newark Bay, New Jerse : The Secret of Com- §§,}'g;" {’,° ·N-j- merce is authorized and directed to use the unexpendedarhalance of :5; I r the appropriation of $15,000 made b the Act approved March ° ’°' fourth, nineteen hundred and seven ('hhirty-fourth tatutes, page _ thirteen hundred and egghteen), “For light and fog-synal station at or near the west end o the draw near the Lehigh alley Railroad bridge at Passaic, New Jersey " for establishing beacon lights to mark the channel in Newark Bay, New Jersey. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. nm.! t M I‘°` Office of the Secretary: For the follo additional employees for _(${}°u§,{,;B°,°,§?“”; the balance of the fiscal year nineteen hunifred and fourteen: Chief of °°°;.°,_ 3, P ,36 my division, at the rate of $2,500 per annum; clerk, at the rate of $1,800 ’ ` per annum; clerks-—one of class four, one of class two, two at the rate of $1,000 each per annum; two messengers at the rate of $840 each per annum; telephone switchboard operator at the rate of $720 per annum; laborer at the rate of $660 per annum; in all, $9,420, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ Contingent expenses: For additional amounts for contingent and °3'§{§§f'§§§°“'°“ miscellaneous expenses for the offices and bureaus of the Department of Labor, to be available for the objects named in the appro riation for contingent expenses for the Department of Commerce and) Labor contained in the Act approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen and for all other miscellaneous items and necemary expenses not gggluded therein, fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $10, . For rent for balance of fiscal {czarnineteen hundred and fourteen, for R“"· the office of the Secretary of La r, $5,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Comussromms or- c0NcrL1A*r10N: To pay the expenses of commis- ,,,,E,‘,§§'g,§§,§"°“°" °' sioners of conciliation in labor disputes, whenever appointed in £ursu— ,38 ance to section eight of the Act creating the Department of abor, "P` ` $5,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ Any unexpended balance on July first, nineteen hundred and thir- °,,I;‘§,?,§§’§*,'_R"“*‘°”’ teen, of the $100,000 appropriated for the Commission on Industrial 3% avggsble. Relations for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, ninemen hundred 'p° ‘ and thirteen, is made available for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen. _ mmemnon smvion. ,,,§§"'“‘¤’°“°“ Sm: Inmonmr srarrou Erma Ismzm, New You Hannon: For new ,g§}§;_¥=*·¤°· N- Y·· water main and installation thereof between Ellis Island, New York, New wnwr mum 91006°-—vor. 38-rr 1-——]5