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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 229 tary of the Interior may decide to be for the interests of the Indian service: Prmnlied, That no one of said judgments provided in this rmma. paragragieh shall be paid until the Attorneg General shall have certified N°t °”°°l°d‘ to the_ cretary 0 the Treasury that there exists no unds suilicient m his opinion, to support a motion for a new t.ria§ldi· an appeal of said cause. None of the ljudgments contained in this Act shall be paid until the R’€’“"" “PP"'*'· right of appp; shall have expired. _ Sec. 2. t for the payment of the fohowinigr claims, certiiied to ..g;‘,L',§’5,,g°°.,'E;E’.El.°,'.l, °’ be due by the several accounting officers of the easury Department . under appropriations the balances of which have been exhausted or V L1 I carried to the surplus fund under the provisions of section five of the ° 8’ P' 1°' Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and under appropriations heretofore treated as permanent, being for the service o the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eleven and other years, unless otherwise stated, and which have been certified to Congress under WL 23 M section two of the Act of July seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty- ’ P' four, as fully set forth in House Document Numbered One hundred and fifty-seven, re orted to Congress at its present session, there is appropriated as fodows: CLAIIS Annownn nr Tim Avnrron Fon THE ranasunr nnranmnm. For collecting revenue from customs, $57.81. ii¤¤e°ial•l'1¤·°r¤¤¤y@°’ For repairs to canceling and cutting machinees, office of Treasurer D°’“'°"’”'** ` of the United States, nineteen hundre and thirteen, $10.46. For Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service, $247.22. For miscellaneous expenses, Internal—Revenue Service, $1.30. For allowance or drawback, internal revenue, $134.65. mllfoyr payment of judgments against interna1—revenue officers, , 85.30. For gpenses of Revenue-Cutter Service, $1,458.36. For e-Saving Service, $324.22. For pay of assistant custodians and janitors $42.72. For general inspector of sucpplies for public bmldings, $9.65. For urniture and repairs same for lpublic buildings, $30.25. For fuel, lights and water for public uildl1\€¤» $7.90. For repairs and preservation o public buildings, $112.93. For mechanical equipment for public buildings, $76.07. For general expenses of giigdic uildmgs, $746.26. For ppst office, Austin, nesota, $1.96. . For easury Building, Washington, District of Columbia: Repairs and alterations, $2,000. cnams ALLOWED BY um Annrroa ron ·r1=m wan DEPARTMENT. — For E13, and so forth, of the Army, $29,985.57. Auditor an wu ii: For eage to officers and contract surgeons, $49.38. “'“""‘*‘ For extra·duty pay to enlisted men as clerks, and so forth, at Army division and depgertment headquarters, $1,700.62. For subsistence of the Army, $1,211.06. For regular supplies, Quartermastefs Department, $2,767.43. For incidental expenses, Quartermaster’s Department, $17.50. For barracks and quarters, $618.03. For transportation of the Army and its supplies, $1,209.47. For water and sewers at military posts, $349.15. For engineer equipment of troo , $3. For headstones for graves of soldiers, $6.15. For burial of mdigent soldiers, $45. For pay of volunteers, Cayuse Indian war in eighteen hundred and forty-seven and eighteen hundred and forty-eight, m Oregon, $613.50.