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230 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. oums ALLOWED nr THE Aunrron ron THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. °““"" ‘“°""’ *" F sy of the Navy nineteen hundred and twelve, $12,561.21. wi? N"' °"' gay rig are Nagy, ,$2§éF£5%0. a anne rps, . . Fg; gaxyracks and quarters, Marine Corps, $140. For transportation, Bureau of Navigation, $143.96. For gunnery exercises, Bureau of Navigation, $24.68: For outnts on first enlistments, Bureau of Navigation $14.79. For maintenance naval auxiliaries, Bureau of Nawon, $49.90. For ordnance and ordnance stores, Bureau of Or ce, $83.84. For maintenance, Bureau of Yards and Docks, $69. For freight, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, $668.43. For construction and repair, Bureau of Construction and Repair, $230.88. v""°'·’·'°· For indlpmnity for goat propgirty, naval service, Act March second, ' hteen undred an ninety- ve $711.24. mgior destruction of clothing and liedding for sanitary masons, $23.78. For enlistment bounties to seamen, $312.25. onams ALLOWED nr THE Ammon ron THE mrmmon DEPARTMENT. A$“,{:,' ,,"}°"h‘§,£ $41ggr international protection of industrial property, Patent Office, I? • expenses of de `ting public mone , $4.70. gig; of in land entrilei, nineteen hundred and tw e, $288. . Fr; protectinglpublic lands, timber, and so forth, $15.45. For opening dian reservations, reimbursable, $117.60. For surveying the public lands, $13,379.01. For Geological Survey, $24.36. For investigating mine accidents, $7.02. For tesging iiel , Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Saint Louis, Missouri, 94.94. ger sppprgssing liquor traiiic among Indians, nineteen hundred an twe ve, 93.59. For Indian schools, sililpdrigrt, $153.36. For Indian school b gs, $291.53. h FgI1;e(¥I1l’C(l;8»??1 and transportation of Indian supplies, nineteen un an `rteen, $2,036.38. h Fgr (purcgase land sgransportation of Indian supplies, nineteen un re an twe ve, ,108.41. d Iipr t(eile;gx·aIphing and telephoning, Indian service, nineteen hunre an we ve, $414.27. 5 Fcgng telegraphing, transportation, and so forth, Indian supplies, 50. . For irrigation system, Pa ago Reservation, Ariz $1. For water supgilgésnomagic Pap 0 Indians, Aiiliiiiia, $120.18. For support of ion Indians inn-Ilalifomia, $293.48. For support of Northern Cheyennes and Arapahoes, employees, Montana, mneteen hundred and tyvelve, $118.23. MF? irrigatiolp sy%p§n,6£d1lk tRlV6f, Fort Belknap Reservation, on ana reun ursa e , cen s. For sulpport of Chigpewas, Turtle Mountain, North Dakota, nineteen undred and t rteen, $95.98. For Siuppolrit &1<;f tSioux of different tribes, subsistence and tion, ut 0 a, $60.20. For fees of examining surgeons, pensions, $9.30.