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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 23]. c1.Ams ALLOWED nr THE AUDITOR ron THE STATE AND orrmn DEPARTMENTS. For public rint' and binding, $6,792.76. <>¤·;¤¤¤¤ gumd bv For tionL&mmission, 45 cents. i1>gii¤i°ti¤?¤t§:F°w’°w" For administration of the customs laws, nineteen hundred and twelve, $7.34. For allowance for clerks at consulates, $47.45. For contingent expenses, United States consulates, nineteen hundred and twelve, $1,238.17. For contingent expenses, United States consulates, $212.31. For preservation of collections, National Museum, $1.59. For general expenses, Bureau of Plant Industry, $6.95. For general expenses, Forest Service, $33.46. For general expenses, Weather Bureau, $15.71. $ Igor contingent expenses, Department of Commerce and Labor, 1. 0. ‘ For general expenses Bureau of Standards, 37 cents. For party expenses, Coast and Gecdetic Survey, $2.44. For repairs and incidental expenses of lighthouses, $718.26. For supplies of l?hth0uses, $10.41. For expenses of og signals, $286.74. ger IHlSC8ll8.I16(;\18 expenses, Bureau of Lggor, $300. or es o r af immigration, 5. s For , fees,8§und e of marshals, United States courts, 15.67. For fees of commissioners, United States courts, nineteen hundred and twelve, $953.63. For fees of commissioners, United States courts, $21.75. For fees of witnesses, United States courts, $6.40. For supplies for United States courts, $33.85. For miscellaneous expenses, United States courts $50. Sec. 3. That for the payment of the fol1owirE:laims, certified to M*¤**¤¤¤*°*¤¤•· be due by the several accounting officers of the asury Department under appropriations the balances of which have been exhausted or WL m carried to the surplus fund under the provismns of section five of the m' P' ‘ Act of June twentieth eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and under a propriations heretofore treated as 6(permanent, being for the service oi) the fiscal year nineteen hundr and eleven and other years, , unless otherwise stated, and which have been certiiied to Congress under section two of the Act of July seventh, eighteen hundred and "°‘·““· *’·”"· eighty-four, as fully set forth in Senate Document Numbered One hundred and ninety-three, reported to Congress at its present session, there is appropriated as follows: oLAms A1.D0wED nr THE Aunrron ron THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. For salaries and expenses of collectors of internal revenue, $100. Auciigrs my ·r£ For punishment for violation of internal-revenue laws, $4.60. D°P°'“'”“°· For redemption of stamps, $22 .92. For e enses of Revenue-Cutter Service, 45 cents. For Lipe-Sa Service, $1. For Public Hetglth and Marine-Hos ital Service, $9.26. For general expenses of public buildings, $82.10. 01.Ams ALLOWED nr THE AUDITOR Fon THE wAE DEPARTMENT. For pa , and so forth, of the Army, $4,794.96. Aumm for wu ii; For mihaage to officers and contract BI11‘g00DS, $84.08. P°'“"‘“‘*· For extra-duty pay to enlisted men as clerks, and so forth, at Army division and department headquarters, $1,426.90.