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232 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 32. 1913. For subsistence of the Army, $627.72. For incidental expenses, Quartermaster’s Depiartment, $4.97. For transportation of the Army and its supp es, $3,901.70. For headstones for graves of soldiers $30.80. _ For National Home for Disabled [Volunteer Soldiers, Southern Branch, $14.65. _ For pay, transportation, services, and supplies of Oregon _ and Washington volunteers in eighteen hundred an fifty-ve and eighteen hundred and fifty-six, $67 .28. cnams Annowrm nr THE Aunrron Fon Tm: Nsvr nmraxmnnr. CMM ¤¤¤*¤¤ by For a of the Na nineteen hundred and twelve, $5,343.05. Qiilriiiighiir mw D°` For ga; of the N ayy; $14,156.40. For pay, miscellaneous, $97.74. For pay, Marine Cgps, $401.81. _ For pay, Naval Ac emy, $39.76. _ For transportation, Bureau of Navigation, $238.75. For ordnance and ordnance stores, ureau of Ordnance, $83.36. For freight, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, $249.33. For maintenance, Bureau of Yards and Docks, $32.56. For construction and repa1r, Bureau of Construction and Repair, $69.12. cnams nnnownn nr rim mmrroiv. rox mn mrnnron DEPARTMENT. _m°}";{g;¤ g§•§°‘g"m};{ For expenses of hearings in land entries, nineteen hundred and mpmmmz. twelve, 85 cents. For protecting pxublic lands, timber, and so forth, $11.91. For surveying the public lands, $4,461.95. For Geological Survey, $5.88. For Indian schools support, $20.45. For urchase and transportation of Indian supplies, nineteen huIr%dre<i)imd thihrltlgen, $15,036.%. Indmn or te egra ° an te e omng° , service, nineteen hundred and twelge, $14.63. P 6For telegraphing, transportation, and so forth, Indian supplies, 1 cents. For water supply, nomadic Papago Indians, Arizona, $1.63. For Army pensions, $141. For fees of examining surgeons, pensions, $6. cums .u.L0wEn nr rim Armrron ron. THE swarm Aim orrmn DE- rsarunms. A,$§},*§}“,°§‘S'f,}',§‘f,,',j§ For salaries, chargés d’aifaires ad interim, $367.25. Departments. For allowance for clerks at consulates, 82 cents. For contmgent expenses, United States consulates, nineteen hundred and twelve, $138.03. For contingent expenses, United States consulates, $4.8.92. For gener expenses, Bureau of Plant Indust , $1.49. For purchase and distribution of valuable seeg, $2.93. For rent, Department of Commerce and Labor, $1.25. For expenses of light vessels, $700. For miscellaneous expenses, Bureau of Fisheries, 90 cents. $75;% contmgent expenses, Department of Commerce and Labor, For naturalization of aliens, $3.90. slgol;) salaries, fees, and expenses of marshals, United States courts,