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PUBLIC ACTS OF THE SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES s Passed at the second session, which was begun and held at the city of Washington, in the_ District pg Oolumbia, on Monday, the first daly of Decem er, 1913, and was adjourned day on Saturday, the twenty-fourt daxy of October, 1.914. Woonnow Wnson, President; Tnoms R. Mansrmm., Vice President; James P. Crmnim, President of the Senate pro tempore; Wmmnn Sauasnunr, Acting President of the Senate go tempore, March 16, 1914; Gunnar M. Hrrcnoocx, Acting Pres1dent of the nate pro tempore, May 14, 20 to 22, 25 to 27, 1914; Josnru T. ROBINSON Actin§President of the Senate Ipro tempore, September 15 to 19, 1914; Gunn (hoax, peaker of the House of epresentatives. CHAP. 1.-A.n Act An ` the tm of envo extrao and D¤¤¤¤¤b¤¤'6» W13- l¤iDi8¢¢r¤ plenipoteutiary :;Pg:1d1U;E.;my, Ys rdmuy IPEEZCZZT 39] Be ite·n.actedby theSenateandHoaseo Re entativeso theUn.ited ’ States of America in Congress assembled,fTh%e Presidehrt is hereby ¤£1§·v°}Re °¤%°si”u'£é¤ authorized to appoint, as the representative of the United States, an P‘{,”‘P°*°°sE{°'Y· envoy extraordmary and uplempotentiary to Paraguay, who mp,. bl. se. mx, p- shall receive as his compensation e sum of $10,000 per annum. _ Sec. 2. That the President is herebg further authorized to apgplmt, B,,'_§’,§‘;§g3_ as the representative of the United tates, an enlypg extraor ary and minister plenipotentiary to Uruguay, who s rece1ve as his compensation the sum of $10,000 per annum. Approved, December 6, 1913. CHAP. 3.-An Act To make the tenure of the oBce of the ma'or general com- D¤¤¤¤=*•¤* ‘°· m3· msuasnteraieusssecorpsserstamosamyaa. I C, 4 0. . Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives o the United States og America in Congress assembled? Thibt hereafter {when a va- ?>},¥,{,*,‘},°,,,,°,‘i,,",§°§‘,.,,,.,.,, cane s all exist in the position of eommandaut of the_Marme Corps °¤},°&fg*g*l§f§g; the gresident may appomt to such position by and with the advice nm,’ ae., while and consent of the Senate, an officer of the Manne Coiips on the active °”"“" list not below the grade of field omcer, who shall ho office as such oommandant for a term of four years, unlem sooner relieved, and who, while so all have the rank, pay, and allowances of a magor general in the y· and any officer appomted under the provisions aaxmmm. of this Act who shall be retired from the posrtron of commandant of the Marine Co , in accordance with the provisions of sections twelve ,6*,},; §;i,?;‘§S,;}§,5,};‘6"· hundred and iilltgr-one sixteen hundred and twenty-two, and sixteen hundred and twenty-three, Revised Statutes of the United States, or by reason of age or lenagth of service, shall have the rank and retired pay of a major gener ; if retired for any other reason, he shall be placed on the retired list of officers of the %;;de to which he belonged htm at the time of his retirement: Provided, _ at an officer serving as To nest seaman commandant shall be carried as an additional number in his igrade “‘“""°"· while so serving? and after his return duty in lnslgrade unt said ade is redu to the number authorized by law: rovided further, That nothing herein contained shall operate to increase or uce the T°“‘**°°°*"*“¤°°· total number of omoers in the Marme Corps now provided by law. Approved, December 19, 1913. 91006°——vo1. 38**PT 1--16 241