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248 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 4. 1913. T¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· 'Ehat b "·the ii0w," "natural dail flow," "aggre te d ' nalziiral ilowfyand "what is naturally flowing} as are usedghereinuflg meant such ilow as on any given day woul flow rn the Tuolumne River or its tributaries if said grantee had no storage or diversion works on the said Tuolumne watershed. Hogyh H¤•¤¤1 R•°· (k) That when the said grantee begins the development of the °ri>e¤3 to be built. Hetch Hetchy Reservoir site, it shall rmdertake and vigorously prosecute to completion a dam at least two hundred feet high, with a foundation capable of supporting said dam when built to 1ts greatest ` economic an safe hergh' t. Sale of excs elec- · om (1 Tl1atthesa1dgranteeshall,u nr uest,sellorsupl to

  • ¤'*g°*°°*l£“g said )irrigation districts, and also to th; mtorsgrcipalities withinliailiher

or both said irrigation districts for the use o any land owner or owners therein for pum ing subsurface water for drainage or irrigation, or for the actual) municipal public purposesof said mumcipalities (which purposes shall no_t include sale to private persons or corgporations) anycexcess of electrical energy which may beggnerated, an which may so beneiicially used by sa1d_1mgation trrcts or municipalities, when any such excess of electric energy may not be required for pump' the water sufpgy for said grantee an for the actualmurgvirlpal piiliic purposes o e said grantee (which purposes shall not ude sale to private persons or corporations) at such price as will actually reim urse the said grantee or develpping and

 and transmitting the surplus electrical energy us sold;

,,_*f,°** ¤**¤” "¤· and no power- plant shall be interposed on the line of the conduit ex- ` cept by the sand grantee, or the emee, as heremafter provided, and for the purposes and wrthm the limitations m the conditions set %;; M, ,,,,v,_ forth herein: That shall satisfy the needs of yp mumupd. ew-. the landowners m irrigation cts for pumping subsurface water for drainage or n·r1gat:ron and the needs of the municipalities within such irrigation districts for actual municipal public purposes, after_which it may dispose of any excess electrical energy for commercial urposes. I commons or mv (m) 'Ilhat the right of said grantee in the Tuolumne water supply

 °r °°m` to develo electric power for either municppal or commercial use is

to be mad; conditional for twenty(;(years fo owing the completion of gpx of the works_adapt___ to the generation of electrical tmupxggm pm: in one , as ollows: The sardrdgrantee shall within three ears from ’ "‘ thelgte of completion of said portion of the works instah, operate, and mamtam apparatus capable of developing and transmitting not less than ten_thousand horsepower of electric power for munrci al and commercial use, said ten thousand horsepower to be actually I“ °°¤ Fm- used or offered for use· and within ten years from the completion of said portion of the works not less than twenty thousand horsepower and within fifteen years therefrom not less than thirty thousand In twenty rem. horsepower; and within twenty therefrom not less than sixty thousand horseppwer, unless in e gudgment of the Secrets of the Sa1mp°wm_Mm_ Interior the pu he mterest will be satisfied with a lesser ldhvelopgm¤¤,m, ment. 'l`he said grantee shall develop and use hydroelectric power p,‘f,,‘g}¤P“**"°¤ °‘ for the use_of its people and shall, at prices to be Exed under the laws of California or m e absence of such laws, at prices approved by the Secretary of the Interior, sell or_supply such power for irrigation pumping, or other beneficial use, said prices not to be less than return to said grantee the actual total costs of providing and su pl - ing said power, which costs shall be computed m accordance with tge currently accepted pggctice of public cost accounting, as shall be determmcd by the retary of the Interior, including, however, a fair proportion of cost of conduit, lands, dams, and water—supply system; and further, said grantee shall, before using any of said water for the purpose of developing hydroelectric power, file such maps, surveys, field notes, or other ata as may be required by law,