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268 SIXTY-*1*1-IIRLD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 6. 1913. chf fds'th'1\·eas11ryntthrwisea roriated mmm, E? £‘§."{,‘3..-pJL.“$’Fl.`$i.t*.£g 5.. me. mi-’..£1d?p.w.¤zE£ 1..*1..]., ` That nothing in this section contained shall be construed as exempting 1;)ation¢;lhbaI1}ks 05 gedteial reserve banks from their liability_to reimurse e nite ta oranyexpensmincurredinpiinting

    • ··*,,,,.,m*·*··¤*·~..,..,, °°i·ii°°"iIig¤l°1i{.r°s`i1°ti°g °°i$.tk than · .1 t 1; r

— ,.,0 , v reserve receive on BPOBI a ar rom °°°·· *°“*°·’**°°- memlgrybanks or from Federal reserve banks checks and drafts drawn upon any of its dezppsfitors, and when remitted by a Federal reserve bank, checks and ts drawn by any depositor in any other Federal reserve bank or member bank um funds to the credit of said depositor in and reservel bank orilixem bank. N¢l;t:likng conta1ned construe as i a m m arg1ng` its actual expense incungdo in and remittin%0funds or for 1§1`?¤'L°ni§°it•¤¤.¤°”” exchange sold to its patrons. The Federal Reserve ard shall, b _ Y rule, fix the charges to be collected by the member banks from its pagrotgs whose chick; are through gi; Federal 1&$81"V6· bank an echargew c may imposed or serviceo clearmgor collection rendered by the Fed reserve bank. "°*°•'·¤¢m¤{**°°•° P*°· The Federal Reserve Board shall make and romulgate fro tim to time regulations governing the transfer dl funds and dllargeg therefor among Federal reserve banks and their branches, and ma

1g1scretion exercise the fusctions {gf a house gagniuch

_ reserve _ ,orma esrgna a reserv to exercise such iimctiom, and {nay also require each suc}: bank te N buh exercme the fnmctions of a clearinghouse for its member banks. bgzutdnywu Slo. 17»_So much of provisions of section fifty-one hundred R_,_f’}'_;,_",§g,?f‘;_‘;,,,, 8!1d_£fl’:y•Il1IlB of the*Bev1sed Statutes of the United States and ¤¤g¤:£i¤1g. m; WL section four of the Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and 22,,,,16; p' seventy-four and section eight of the Act of July twelfth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and of any other provisions of existing statutes as that before- any national banking associations shailldbtg autlioortizediag commgntcles lilanldtggsbusiness it glial] transfeg an ver e asurero e m tatesasta amounto United States registered bonds is hereby repealed. R“°¤°*¤¤‘°°°°°- amvnnme nouns. “°""},°' °°',§"',2‘°’ Sec. 18. After two years from the pass e of this A t, d t

 “    xasrmy y¤a;.*h?:.***.» ·r  big;

_ e or any o 1 a no , jle with the Treasurer of the States an ap lication to sellmfsg its at piarbeand accrued interest, United States bonds secura on retired. h,¥,§‘f”"° by '°“"° ;1§l`lie5d Tre:;si1{rer shall]§0a:lt;·dthe_t¢;r1d péteaph qx;1arter§r period, furnish e era eserve wi a o ti , d h Federal Reserve Board may, in its discr:\tli(bn,8l·)<l>)q\ilil·e0tIl1se reserve banks to purchase such bonds from the banks whose ap lications have been filed with the Treasurer at least ten days begre _ the end of any quarterly period at which the Federal Reserve Board f',,"§;’fi,m,,_ gay the pnicohase to be made: Provided, That Federal reserve anks s not permitted to h $25,000,000 of such bonds in any orligllyzeaaijcanadl villlricgllmalmdounlzxgligg 4·¤¢·.p- 254~ melude lgoazggs acquired under section four of this Act by the Federal reserve .

  • “°°*¤°¤*· Provided further, That the Federal Reserve Board shall allot to

eaelr“5`ed•=§·al re·iewefban1k}s‘;1;l{1£18·olp0b1Ltion of such bonds as the capi an surp us o suc th aggmg, · and surplus of all the Federal reserve banksito G to capital A¤=¤s¤¤¤·¤¤.¤¤¤ _ Upon notice from the Treasurer of the amount of bonds so sold for its account, each member bank shall duly assign and transfer, in