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srxrrrrmnn CONGRESS. sm. rr. os. 21. 1914. 285 ever, That aniy officer or enlisted man of the Naval Militia so qualified ‘°¤ Mt who shall re use or neglect to present himself for such muster u on ' being ca.lled forth as erein prescribed, shall be subject to trialpby court—martial and shall be punished as such court-martial may direct: Provided further, That when in the service of the United States, officers °0§_;{;*¤¤ ¤*i°f¤°°¤ ¤¤ of the Naval Militia may serve on courts-martial for the trial of officers and men of the Regular or Naval Militia Service, but in the cases of courts-martial convened for the trial of officers of the Regular Service, the ma’ority of the members shall be officers of the Regular Service; and officers and men of the Naval Militia may be tried by courtsmartial the members of which are officers of the Regular or Naval Rsmm mk wm, Militia Service, or both: And provided further, That Naval Militia Navy cam. officers mustered as such into the service of the United States under the provisions of this Act shall rank with but after officers of the Cmmum Regular Navy in the same Bgrade and rank; except that for the purpose of determining who all exercise command over a combined orce, composed of vessels commanded bg Naval Militia officers and of vessels commanded by officers of the avy acting in conjunction, all officers of the Naval Militia of or above the rank o lieutenant com- §ander will be regarded as junior to lieutenant commanders of the a . $1. 6. That the Naval Militia when called into the service of the g.,§§,`],Y '°"""°°"“ ‘° United States, shall be governed b the Navy regulations and the articles for the government of the Nirvy. Sec. 7. That the Naval Militia, when called into the service of the P°¥°°°°‘“'*¤°¤¤· United States, shall, during their time of service, be entitled to the i_€.rr§11pafIand allowances as are or may be provided by law for the e ar avy. Sec. 8. That when the Naval Militia is called into the service of the p,§.‘f‘“”‘°“°°‘“°°“ °‘ United States, or any portion of the Naval Militia is called forth under the provisions of this Act, their pay shall commence from the day of their reporting in obedience to such call at their local ship, armory, or quarters; but this provision shall not be construed to authorize any u{·,L*,§§f1;’{s_P’°"°*¤ species of expenditure previous to arriving at such places which is not provided brylpxisting laws to be paid after their amval at such places. Sec. 9. at the adjutant general of each State, Territory, or the ,0Rg*;é*rg=tj;y°g{¤ggg District of Columbia or such other person, board, or bureau as may mw. be provided by the laws of such State_ Territogy, or the District of Columbia to perform for the Naval Militia the uties ordinarily performed by such adj utant general, shall make returns to the Secretary of the Navy, at such times and m such form as the Secretary of the Navy shall from time to time prescribe, of the strength of the Naval Militia, and also make such reports as mpg from time to time be required by the Secretary of the Navy. at the Secretargoof the R°P°*’¤*°°°¤¢¤¤‘· N avi shall, with his annual rgport of each gear, transmit to ngress an a stract of the returns an reports of e adjutants general, or of such person, board, or bureau of the States, Territories and the District of Columbia, with such observations thereon as he may deem necessary for the information of Congress. Sec. 10. That the Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to *”°°°‘°"¤¤·°°*> procure, bylplprchase or manufacture, and issue from time to time to the Naval 'tia such number of United States service or other arms, accessories, accouterments, equi ment, uniforms, clothing, equipage, and military and naval stores of) all ldnds, rmder such regulations as he may prescrjibenas are necessary to arm, uniform, and eqpép all of the Naval Militia m the several States, Territories, and the trict of Columbia rn accordance with the requirements of this Act without m§g;l 1¤ ¤¤ charging the cost or value thereof or- any expense connected therewith ` against the allotmentgf such Sting, ;I‘er31tory, or Distréict made fron; the annua a pro na on provide or e an equipping 0 the Naval i)n.the annual appropriation for are Navy, or in any