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SIXTY-THIRD CON GRESSM Sess. II. C11. 21. 1914. 289 The actual and necessary traveling expenses of the members of '*f";'°“°¢ $‘¤°°°°°· such board, together with a per diem to be established by the Secre- M mud tary of the Navy, shall be paid to the members of the board. The eapenses herein authorized, together with the necessary clerical and 0 ceexpenses of the division of Naval Militia affairsin the office of T be W dm the Secretary of the Navy, shall constitute a charge against the whole ¤ugl,gpI:·°p;£L1°n?¤. sum annually aipprplpriated rmder the appropriation for the arming and uipping of e aval Militia in the annual appropriation for the Navy, and shall be paid therefrom, and not from the allotment duly ‘ apportioned to any particular State, Territory, or the District of St t t of o umbia; and a statement of such expenses shall be submitted to °m°° °°°` Congress by the Secretary of the Navy m connection with his annual r6%0rt° Ammunition for innc. 18. That the Naval Militia embarked upon any vessel of the su-ueueursar-mg. Navyj or other vessel, or encamped at an military post or camp of the nited States, may be frunrshed such amounts of ammunition for instruction in fuingland target practice as may be reseribed by the Secretary of the avy, and such instruction in shall be earned on under the direction of an officer selected for that purpose by the Secretary of the Navy. A of Sec. 19. That when any officer, petty officer, or enlisted man of mH§?.‘:“°° °°°` ` the Naval is disa led by reason of wormds or disabilities received or incurred in the naval service of the United States in time of war he shall be entitled to all the benefits of the pension laws existing at the time of his service, and in case such officer getty officer, or enlisted man dies in the naval service of the United tates in time of war, or in returning to his place of residence after being mustered out of such naval erviee, or at any time in consequence of wounds or disabilities received in such naval_service in time of war, his widow and children, if any, shall be entitled to all the benefits of such pension laws. of Sec. 20. That all expenditures authorized to be paid biothe Secre- p.,§3;¥.§‘.,§P° °" tary of the Navy under the dprovisions of this Act shall paid out =*”“»P-”°· of the $200,000 appropriate in section ten of this Act, exceapt such additional expen 'tures as may be authorized by the annu naval apgropriatiou Act' . Examinations nc. 21. That, for the purpose of securingqa hst of persons espe- rm commissions 1¤ cially qualiiied to hold commissions m the avy or in any reserve ‘§§§‘$§;‘{‘,°,{‘,,,°,{_"°“"“ or volunteer naval force which may hereafter be called for and organized under the authority of Congress, other than a force composed of Organized Naval Militia, the Secretary of the Navy is authorized from time to time to convene examimng boards at suitable and convenient places in different parts of the United States Ewbmty c, amp who shall examine as to their qualifications for naval duties all mms. applicants who shall have served in the Regular Navy of the United States or in the Orglanized Naval Militia of any State or Territory mmim or the District of Co umbia. Such examination shall be umder rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretag of the Na . The record of previous service of the applicant sh be consideredy as part Cmmmm ‘,,, dig, of the examination. Those applicants who pass such examinations bwtglfwtéwénmwm shall be certified as to their Htness for naval duties and rank, and shall, mv un ' subject to a physical examination at any time constitute an eliqble class for commissions, pursuant to such certidcation, in any vo unteer gags] force calledffor and organézei under the 8'&'l2l105 It 0 0 SS 0 61‘ 81]. 8 01'C8 COIHPOSB 0 • BV In mguyu N, in Militia; anngmthe President is hereby further authorized, upon the °°·‘°°'“'· W outbrealg of war, or when, in his o mion, war is imminent, to commission in the regular Navy for the exigen of such war such of the persons whose names have been certriiefly as above provided as mm he mayselect:Pv·o·vided,Thatnooneshall becommiss1¤nedtoa murumraams 91006°—vox. 38-rr 1;19