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SIXTY-THIRD CON GRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 34-37. 1914. 305 CHAP. 34.-A.n Act To me an Act regula ‘ Marche, 191 . across me Muskingum River 1¤p°5°1li0. iing th° °°°°m°°°° °f b“dg°° xH- R·11331:l ubllc, o. . Be it enacted the Senate and House ¢y'Re esentatives of the United [P N Gl] States of America in Congress assembled, 'Pmt the Act of Congress oilltuikmgum R“’°'· entitle "An Act regulating the construction of bridges over the h,{f,°’"*$,g,g=* °¤ Muskingum River in Ohio,’ approved April second, hteen hun- movgdl "' dred and eighty-eight, be, and e same is hereby, repxed. pitt, 25* p` 7** “* Approved, March 9, 1914. CHAP. 35.—-An Act To_authorize the construction, maintenance, and ogmtion [%"'g‘g%j· of a bridge across the Tombigbee River near Old Cotton Gin Port, in Monroe unty, Mississippi. [rubric, Nc. cv.; Be it enacted by the Senate and House Representatives o the United States of America in Congress assembled, %hat the board of {upervisors ii°iifiti'g1$°i:i:iiYiiy, of Monroe County, Mississiptpi, is hereby authorized to construct, },‘§~b°%{,‘,;':¢;;_;* maintain, and operate a bri ge_and approaches thereto across the O0 I Tombigbee River at a point siutable to the interests of navigation, v¤1.s4,p.s4. near O d Cotton (iin Port, in Monroe County, Mississippi, in accord- . ance with the provisions of an Act entitled ‘ An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over navigable waters," approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred and six. Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby Ammmmrexpressly reserved. Approved, March 9, 1914. Ch.A.'P.36.—-An Act To extend the time for constructing a bridge across the ¥§f°§H§g2g· Mississippi River at the town site of Sarbell, Minnesota. Be it enacted the Senate and House o Representatives of the United States of Americlhl in Congress assembled, {hat the time for commencing ¤l¥;bn]}ii:d"·for and completing the bridge authorized by the Act of Coniessuapprove §’§§,§f”¤· by S°'°°“· August twenty-fourth, mneteen hundred and twelve, to b t across mygimet p- M. the Mississippi River, at the town site of Sartell, Stearns County, ° Minnesota, is hereby extended to one year and three years, respec— tively, from date of apgiroval hereof. _ _ Sec. 2. That the rig t to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby *~¤”°"'“°°‘· expressly reserved. Approved, March 11, 1914. CHAP. 37.-An Act To authorize the President of the United States to locate, ¥“°hlhm¢· construct, and operate railroads in the Territory of Alaska, and for other purposes. , 0. . Be it enacted the Senate and House o Re esentatives of the United A,,,,,,,,_ States of Anmilczh in Congress assembled; Tgt the President of the mP;¤¤¤dr;•t¤;¢•g£=¤¤r:•i,d United States is hereby empowered, author1zed,_ and directed to roadsmin. ’ " ` adopt and use a name by which to designate_the railroad or railroads and properties to be located, owned, acquired, or operated under the authoritgisof this Act; to employ such officers, agents, or agencies, in his cretion, as may be necessary to enable him to carry out the purposes of this Act; to authorize and require such officers, agents, or agencies to aeigform any or all of the duties upon him by_the terms_of Act; to detail and require any officer or officers m the Engineer Corps in the Army or Nazltogerform service under this Act;_ to fix the compensation of o cars, agents, Lamm md mm or emplogrcees appointed or designated bqmhim; to designate and rm. cause to located a route or routes for a e or lines of railroad m the Territory of Alaska not to exceed in the aggregate one thousand 91006°-ver. 38-rr 1--20