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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 37. 1914. 307 The authority herein granted shall include the ower to con- ° *i¤¤ °' mestmct, maintain, and operate telegraph and telephohe lines so far Eixmmd m°ph°°° as they may be necemary ·or_ convenient in the construction and operation of the railroad 01'el'8llI'081lS as herein authorized and they all perform gloloorahy all the `usual duties of telegraph and tele- Ph'l)`h0Hn6Sfoth· ·{ d X fCngessthro hthisA F““ °°*°d atitis eintentanp oseo o ct "°”" to authorize and empower the%esident of e Unitedulgtates and mPmSgnf he is hereby fully authorized and empowered through such ofzlicers, agents, or agencies as he may appoint or employ, to do all necessary acts and in addition to those specially authorized in this Act to enable him to accomplish the purposes and objects of this Act. T _ t 8 tm The President is hereby authorized to withdraw, locate, and dis- a¤a`i"" °° ° pose of, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe such ` area or areas of the public domain along the line or lines of such proposed railroad or railroads for town-site purposes as he may mi? timZi° tiiim d ng M ds .1 11 1 am h ae ¤*¤,,,¤»,¤·¤_,,,¤=¤¤=,,,,,·~·¤¤~··= ermin an station groun an rigtso wa to M lands of the United States in the Territory of Alasyka areuinereby gg=¤1s.r!s¤¤¤ dwg; gganted for the construction of railroads, telegraph and telephone ' ' es authorized by this Act and in all patents for lands hereafter taken up, entered or located in the Territopy of Alaska there shall be eiopressed that there is reserved to the nited States a right of way or the construction of railroads, telegraph and telephone lines to the extent of one hundred feet on either side of the center line of any such road and twenty-five feet on either side of the center line of any such telegraph or telephone lines, and the_ Premdent may, in such manner as he deems advisable, make reservation of such (hmmm mb lands as are or may be useful for materials for construe- ran tion and for stations, terminals, docks, and for such other prvgposes in connection with the construction and operation of such ad lines as he may deem necessa&and desirab e. L Sec. 2. That the cost of \ 'gork authorized by this Act shall umn °'°°” not exceed $35 000,000, and in ecutingl the authority granted by this Act the President shall t*expen nor obligate e United AP,,,°P,.,,,,,,,,_ States to expend more than t s 'd sum; and there is hereby appropriated, out of any money th Treasury not otherwise appro_priated, the sum of $1,000,000 to be nised for carrying out the provisions of this Act, to continue available until expended. S Im www W Sec. 3. That all moneys derived from the lease, sale, or dkposal aepaaxawx-mmy. of any of the public lands, including townsites, m Alaska, or the coal or mineral therein contained, or the timber thereon, and the earnings of said railroad or railroads, together with the earnings of the telegraph and telephone lines constructed under this Act, above maintenance cha§es and operating expenses, shall be paid into the Treasury of the nited States as other miscellaneous receipts are paid xo? a separate account thereof shall be kept and annually reported °¤€¥`6SS· Sec. 4. That the officers, agents, or agencies laced in charge of R'¥’°‘°"°"°"""°· the work by the President s all make to the President annually, and at such other fperiods as maly be required by the President or by either House o Congress, ful and complete reports of all their acts &I1d·d01D?S and of all moneys received and expended in the construction 0 said work and in the operation of said work or works and m the performance of their duties in connection therewith. The ‘ annual reports herein provided for shall be by the President transmitted to Congress. Approved, March .12, 1914.