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srxrrrrnrsn oosennss. sm. rr. os. sz. 1914. 317 For pay of members of brigade rifle team on duty at Camp Perry, my °"“*° °°‘*m· Ohgo%h$ug·ust thirteenth to September second, nineteen undred an teen, $1,487.34; In all, $5,450.40. A _ Boann or CHILDREN,S GUARDIANSZ For board and care of all G§,_°:;{,§¤‘gl °h“d'°“’“ children committed to the guardianship of said board by the courts _ of the District, $10,000. Authority is granted to pay, in addition to the sum of $1,500 u,·*,,‘{,‘,}‘,§,,*°§‘§‘,*}§§‘}‘§,’§f heretofore authorized, a furt er sum not to exceed $4,500 to institu- ¤<>¤¤- plionsdragjudgled to be under sectarian control, fiscal year nineteen un e an ourteen. Emimormsmr or rnmannsz To carry out the provisions of the ,,,§§,§}"°""°'“ °' “* Act approved February twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and PW ¤“¤¤P°¤*°¤· fourteen, entitled "An Act to regulate the hours of employment ‘""’·P‘2°1‘ and safeguard the health of females employed in the District of Oolumbia," as follows: For three inspectors, two of whom shall be women at the rate of $1,200 er annum, from April first to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred anti) fourteen, $900. REFUND or naaomrous COLLECTIONS! For amount required to ,,,,§‘,§“,,§,,°‘ °"°"°°"*‘ refund erroneous collections, including the same objects specified under this head in the District of Co umbia appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $520.79. _ Jammu Jrmemmrrsz For pa ent of judgments, including costs, against the District of Columlig; set forth m House Document Num ered Five hundred and ninety-five of this session, $6,615.45, together with a further sum to ay the interest on.same at not exceeding four per centum on said ju€‘Ements, as provided by law, from the date the same became due until e date of payment. Support (imma SUPPORT or corrvmrs: For support, maintenance, and transportation ‘of convicts transferred from the District of Columbia, to be expendpld updpr the direction of the Attorney General, for the fiscal ears t at o ow: y For nineteen hundred and thirteen, $19,322.95. For nineteen hundred and fourteen, $40,000. mmuamm com MISCELIANEOUS EXPENSES, comvrs: For payment of such mis- umm. cellaneous expenses as may be authorized b the Attorney General for the Su reme Court of the District of Columbia and its omcers including the furnishing and collecting of evidence where the United States is or may be a arty in interest, including also such expenses as ma be authorized) by the Attorney General for the Court of Aplpeai, District of Columbia, for the Escal years that follow: or nineteen hundred and seven, $30.60. For nineteen hundred and eleven, $5.70. For nineteen hundred and twelve, $44.95. For nineteen hundred and thirteen, $3,903.33. For nineteen hundred and fourteen, $4,545. mmm L_,,m,,,,_ _ Mrsomnnrmnousz To refund amount of deposit of William Leftwich mma tt. m police court November seventh, nineteen hundred and ten, in a case subsequently dismissed by the Government, said sum having been deposited in the Treasury to the credit of the District of Columbia and the United States in equal arts, as unclaimed collateral, June thirtreth, mneteen hundred and thirteen, $10. mm,. O sm 'ljo re1mburse_James F. Oyster, late president of the Board of Edu- rwm¤¤£serir¤m.' catron of the District of Co umbia, for amount paid in settlement of judgment for costs in the case of Mary E. Nalle versus James F. Qysterand at law numbered fifty thousand five hundred and srxt -mne, . . . The Commissioners of the District of Columbia are authorized Mid iivununiiililelriiemam directed to pay to WiHiam Herman the sum of $87.50, refund of liquor license tax, from theappropriation for “Refunding taxes, and so forth, District of Columbia}