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16 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. "ldings 1; Wuhmgto' n District of Columbia: B$¤’l¤¢I7lI 0I! DU'- QQIE '¤Otkb3(;8V$·1l}8•bl6 sessrumea. ’ · con r f perso al servi es except for wor ne y _ zglgogary jobnlabor uiider exrgency not exceeding at one time the sum of $100 at any one burldrngL§675,00(b • F _ tauation and ¤e¤m¤a»1•q¤lp- Mechanical equipment of pu he buildings. or ms _ _ m°°°' repair of mechanical equipment in all completed and occupied buildings undgw the control of the_ har . h<>¤p¤¤s»,p1¤mb¤¤s. €°SaIl:l’u!€» .v§¤ 1m*¤€· I mario, ing an mfngomting apparatus, `mtlihhg heihemsystems, con- ` be d terco unrca i 6 _ » §gr Tucall-lilcill silid tems, and lor maintenance repair of tower clocks· for instmtion and of mechanical equipment, for any of the foregoing items, m b dmgs ppt by '.,,°“,.d"°’“ °" mi? ‘£“**°’i “‘° °°?.l.1Z°1e¤°*1.rg‘*‘$£¤°t§°`$¥’pu§E$'i?’3ii?r. · or

   on it {   ir w·:m:h“.:°.;a1d,>’.°**,..

tum ll IBD O S11 _ ~ »·~······ ,,,, ‘i»?·2..»‘§.d, n.$l’§§§;°§‘.. ra-is .§$i-as ar mamciéms ¤¤¤m=:¤¤¤l¤¤mm¤;¤*§h¤¤ ment of public buildings, not exceeding $40i000 may 01* Trumry ¥>¤¤¤!¤¢¤» marine hgspitak and quarantme stations, 811 pd? GI _$9,000 D'°‘ for the Treasury, Butler, and Winder Buildings at W_ 11,

  • ’”°,§"”‘*,§°"‘,§‘2;°,€,?'* District of Columbia, and not exceeding $10 000 for the maintenance,

m' °' Q elnmges in, and repairs of pneumat1c·tube system between th; appraiser·s’ warehouse at Greenwich, Christopher, Nyashmgton, Barrow Stream and the new customhouse m Bowling Green,_ r~ f Manhattan in the city of New York, including repairs to i.)l11§l;ti)eet pavement and subsurface necessarily incidlgnt to or rwult- “°‘*""“"‘,,,,,,,,,°“"°”" h 'tenan, hang or airs: 0Vldd#|T“·6|‘ mm Eli? not ll: airaila lz, for E payment of personal services except for work done by ccintracté, or npr temp<}r:;1%|ol; labor under exigency not exceeding a one 1me e sum o a il ° $440,000. Vault!. sara. and w%4;l$lisbgngu§:fes for public For vaults and_ lock-box bd" equi ments and repairs thereto m all completed and occupied public builqlings under the control of thedTrea.sury tlgepaiirotrnentmand glqr hecgg f ·t·S8DIB&1IS6I81H8UG buildings 1i}rl}lex?atllec¢il<i1ril;)1Sl>1R>f the Trelisury Department wllether completed and occupied or in course of construction, exclusive of personal services except for work done bytcontratplti orgy temp<;r% gob labor under ezngency not exceeding a one e sum 0 1; b 1 $100,000. _ _ E1•·=¤·¤<=•¤ ¤¤rz¤¤* 8 }llg;;t(iihlill;:rg1t2§tion to vaults, public buildings: For rnstallatron atrillhz, p. msi. and maintenance of electrical burglar·alarm devrcesauthonzed byi the sundry civil appropriation Act approved March third, mneteen undred and three, includgrg thedposg office ani gzmtghouse aigghhieatgtmg, Illinois, and the posto cean su treasury a s n, use , $19 200. ommi expense. deneral expenses of public buildings: To enable_ the Secretary of v°‘· ”· "‘ w' the Treasury to execute and give effect to the dprovisrons of section six of the Act of May thrrtieth, mneteen hundre and eight (Thirty-fifth

 Seas. Paatzeoixatt as *h¤*><si·:;¤·h&>m°2*¤2t; tr M

ol-37.r-751 ti 0 or e u ervis c ec 0 e aZ°°°°m °°"‘°°°' iclntlresnscmal year nineteen hundrelli andlllclurteen; for foremen 3}*2;% men, architectural draftsmen, and apprentice draftsmen at rates of pay from $480 to $2,500 per annum; for structural engr] eers and draftsmen at rates of pair from $840 to $2,200 er annum; or mechanical, sanitary electric , heating and ventilgting, and illuminating engineers and, draftsmen, at rates of pay from $1,200 to $2,400 er annum; for computers and estimators, at rates of pay from $1,600p to