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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 52. 1914. 331 CLAIMS Annowmn BY THE Armrron ron Tm: WAR DEPARTMENT. For salaries, Adjutant General’s Office, $40. AE§,*$S,·,§"‘$}'g°}’ ,§’§'_ For salaries, office of Chief of Ordnance, $32.50. P°”m°¤*· For pay, and so forth, of the Army, $6 119.83. For extra-duty pay to enlisted men as clerks, and so forth, at Army division and department headquarters, $655.55. For subsistence of the Army, $50. For regular su plies, Quartermastefs Drepartment, $45.50. For incidentalp expenses, Quartermaste s Department, $199.86. For barracks and quarters, $3,093.67. _ For transportation of the Army and its supplies, $2,850.40. §or zlvatgzlin and selwers at miilitary posts, $135.93$2 24 or ot ,an cam an n ui age, , 6.94. For headstgnes for gr:i)ves of soldiersfgl _ _ 3 légr bringing home remains of officers, soldiers, and civil employees, 6. . . For irlrliprovirgg Igper White River, Arkansas, $5.83. For ation ome for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Northwestern Branch, $2.67. For horses and other property lost in the military service, $120. For pay of volunteers, Cayuse Indian War in eighteen hundred and forty-seven and eighteen hundred and forty-eight in Oregon, $47.50. CLAIMS Au.0wm> BY THE AUDITOR Fon rum NAVY DEPARTMENT. For pay of the Navy, nineteen hundred and twelve, $6,990.57. A,,°§§‘{$“,,$ufg·‘§$‘,. 1;*,; For pay of the Navy, $12,937 .41. p¤¤=¤¤¤¤t- For pay, miscellaneous, $29.79. For pay, Marine Gorge, $316.38. For transportation, ureau of Navigation, $214.26. For gunner exercises, Bureau of Navi tion, $40. For maintenance of naval auxiliaries Biireau of Navigation, $27.60. For ordnance and ordnance stores, Bureau of Ordnance, $63.36. For provisions, Navy, Bureau of Su plies and Accounts, $1,497.28. For reight, Bureau of Supplies and) Accounts, $1,816.96. For destruction of clothing and bedding for sanitary reasons, $24.35. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR Fon. mn INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. For contingent expenses, Department of the Interior, nineteen Aiiiiiiiis rXiil°vi¤ii1srii»i hundred and thirteen, $381.25. D°"""“‘°“" For law library, Patent Office, nineteen hundred and twelve, $5. For salaries and commissions of registers and receivers, $4. For surveying the public lands, $10,192.45. For Geological Survey, $82.97. For investigating mine accidents, $1.10. For relieving distress, and prevention, and so forth, of distress among Indians, $1.88. For Indian school buildings, $10. For Indian school transportation, $40.64. For purchase and transportation of Indian supplies, nineteen hundre and thirteen, $79,792.56. _ For purchase and transportation of Indian supplies, mneteen huéidre find twhelllve, $53053. h dl SB h or te e a an te e omng° , In `an rvice, nineteen undred and tliilrt£en,%353.32. P -· For telegraphing and telephoning, Indian Service, nineteen hundred and twelve, $24.78.