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332 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 52. 1914. For telegraphing, transportation, and so forth, Indian supplies, $8.07. For pay of Indian Iipllice, $20. For pay of judges, dian courts, $134.05. _ For water sup ly, Nomadic Papago Indians, Arizona, $500. For support oip Indians in Califqmia, $12. _ _ _ _ For incidentals in California, mcluding support and c1v1hzation, $29.50. _ For ° tion system, Milk River, Fort Belknap Reservation (reimburse le), $58.78. _ For sruveying Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana, $154.18. For surve , and so forth, Blackfeet Reservation, Montana (reimbursable), $140.91. _ For surveying and allotting Flathead Reservauon, Montana. (reimbrusable), $402.92. _ For Indian school, Albuquerque, New Mexico, nmeteen hundred and thirteen, $20.89. . _ For Indian school, Carson, Nevada, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $33.45. For Indian school, Wahpeton, North Dakota, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $565.50. For Indian schools, Five Tribes, $3.27. For sup ort of Sioux of diEerent tribes, subsistence and civilization, South, Dakota, $9.68. For Army-pensions, $161.33. cnams AL`LDW'ED mr rim aunrrou mx Tm: swam Arm orrnmz nnrannmurs. ,,_,,°§{§}’,,,‘Q¥§,,‘{,Y',‘f,‘}e,l@}; For salaries, chargés d’atl'aires ad interim, nineteen hundred and 1>¢r=¤r¤¤¤¤¤¤=· thirteen, $500. For salaries, chargés d’affaires ad interim, $31.57. For salaries, secretaries of embassies and legations, $7.29. For transporting remains of déplomatic omcers, consuls, and consular assistants, nineteen hundre and twelve, $508.03. For relief and protection of American seamen, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $1,417.56. For contmegent expenses, United States consulates, nineteen hundred and tw ve, $757.11. For ptrieservation of collections, National Museum, $1.34. For terstate Commerce Commission, 20 cents. For meat inspection, Bureau of Animal Industry, $1.24. For general expenses, Bureau of Plant Industry, $130.80. For purchase and distribution of valuable seeds, $68.05. For otamcal investigations and experiments, $1.98. For cotton boll wee investigations, $1.69. For general expenses, Forest Service, $103.63. For aboratory, Department of Agriculture, $17 .42. For public-road inquiries, $72. For general expenses, Weather Bureau, 64 cents. For continvent expenses, Steamboat-In ection Service, 20 cents. For general} expenses, Bureau of Standaigs, 37 cents. For repairs an incidental expenses of lighthouses, $36. For supplies of lighthouses, $3.10. For expenses of ght vessels, 80 cents. For expenses of fog signals, $532.50. For contingent expenses, Department of Commerce and Labor, $1 1 .37. For miscellaneous expenses, Division of Naturalization, 78 cents. For salaries, fees, and expenses of marshals, United States courts, $13.14.