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srxrrrrrrrran correrrn ss. sm. 11. ea. 52. 1914. 333 For fees of clerks, United States courts, $832.47. For fees of commissioners, United States courts, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $2,442.06. For fees of commissioners, United States courts, nineteen hundred and twelve, $166.65. For fees of commissioners, United States courts, $48.05. For fees of witnesses, United States courts, $1.60. cnams Arinownn BY rim Annrron ron run rosr orrrom nnranrmnivr. For- indemnities for loss b registered mail $287.37. (Reims =*·“·>W¤<i by For inland mail transportgtion, star, $666.87. bggiaiiggiriim Omm For mail transportation, boat, $5,713.33. For mail-messenger service, $210. For miscellaneous items, first and second class offices, $24.36. For Railway Mail Service, office expenses, 20 cents. For manufacture of postal cards, $39.07. For travel expenses of post-office inspectors not covered by per diem, $4.37. For payment of rewards, information, $53.60. For shipment of su plies, $41.88. For freight on postal cards, and so forth, $760.51. For Special Delivery ervice, $10. For Rural Delivery Service, $320.65. For compensation to postmasters, $34.28. For assistant postmasters and clerks m post officm, $106.94. For rent, light, and fuel, $80.49. For Railway Mail Service, $34.95. For freight and expressage on mail bags, $4.07. For assistant postmasters and clerks in post offices, $183.24. For City Delivery Service, $258.34. For contingent expenses, Post Office Department, miscellaneous items, $546.10. , Aaaiucmr cram Sec. 3. For the payment of the following claims, certified to be , due by the several accounting officers of the Treasury Department under appropriations the balances of which have been exhausted or _ carried to the surplus fund under the provisions of section five of the ‘°‘· “’· P- “°· Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and under appropriations heretofore treated as permanent, for the service o the fiscal year mneteen hundred and eleven and other years, unless otherwise stated, and which have bee11_certiiied to Congress under V0, 2, 25, section two of the Act of July seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty- ’°' ' four, as fully set forth in Senate Document Numbered Four hundred and forty-three, rriz-ported to Congress at its present session, there is appropriated as fo ows: crams Auownn BY rim Aunrron Fon THE TREASURY nrzrxnrmrmr. For miscellaneous ex enses, Internal—Revenue Service, $4. A,°fd“}Q§}’,,f;.“?I‘§&u*Q§ For refunding taxes illegally collected, $12,521.97. D°P¤¥°¤¤¤¤*· For eixipenses of Revenue—Cutter Service, $1,204.24. For ejSaving Service, $599.17. For contingent expenses, office of Director of the Mint, $128.75. For contingent expenses, mint at Denver, nineteen hrmdred and thirteen, $74.40. For pay of assistant custodians and ganitors, $9.50. For fuel, lights, and water for pub `c buildings, $3.30. For furniture and repairs of same for public buildings, $1.68. For repairs and preservation of public buildings, $2. For mechanical equipment for public buildings, $48.21. For- vaults, safes, an locks for public buildings, $4. For heating apparatus for publiiz buildings, $68.95.