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342 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 56. 1914. D°P‘“*'”m°”!°,,°'l”°*· For department of natural and ental hiloso h : Additi 1`i'1id¤l·i.$ii>hy· um to apparatus to illustrate the rincip of mechalluics, agonilstics, optic]; andastmnomy; books of regarence, scientific periodicals, textbooks, stationery, materials, and repairs; and for repairs to the observatory pviugladingsviapedi tg>5<6locks, and for contingent expenses not other- 1- o · m£gg’,;;{,g}’¤‘ °' For department oi} instruction in mathematics: Textbooks, books of reference, bmding, and stationery; for tables of logar1thms; for rulers and triangles; or purchase of metrical drawings and models; for cases for geometrical models; E? desks, chairs, bookcases, and D t f oiice fittings; and for contingencies, $725; ,h,‘§,§’§i,‘;,‘,°“,§,,n,§’,_ For department of chemistry mmeralogy, and geology: Chemicals, · ¤*¤gY· =¤d¤¤¤1¤¤‘· chetiziilical apparatus, and porcelaiin warlpéls paper, wire, sheet me ores, otogra a aratus t · pecim , fossils, and ihr afpparlatus $$1 mateiialla I:>al?e usedmiggllig practfiizliil detlermmatipn 0 minplralogical aud getclgogical ; pencils an pa _ r or practic mstruction in e same ran d f gradualpiiicrease and improvement oi the cabinet; for repliaiilgixnadladdtiil; tions to electric, magnetic, pneumatic, thermnc, and optical apparatus; foillpurchase of laboratory and power-room machmery and apparatus an mstallation of same; for models, maps, diagrams, books of reference, textbooks, and slpationery for (psp of instructors; and for contingent expenses not otherwise rovi e or $2,500; d,§’,§g;f‘¤°“‘ °' or department of d.rawing: material instruments, and statxonggr for use of mstructors; repairs to models and purchase of new m els; deslrsi);t;retchers, boards, racks, and stands;

·;·.1;¢;r*1..‘*1*‘“¤gS..,1.z.10;b1.¢·* M11;. 12
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‘ an ; re airs to stereopticon and purdhaseddilgntem slides · ,hotogra hic a agitus d tcriab I f , »P _ P PP {*.2.. .‘f}°c.d..s-"§ 10. ‘L..i1€"’ "`3£’£6‘1fS1S“§£%%*r °f dd °”°"’ *°" ,,,f,’d‘§{.’,{’,§,§,',;‘,;‘g,,';f;,_ °’ For department of moderlililtlllcanguages: For statiohery, textbooks (1 b ks 1 1 1 1 · A 2‘§.‘p..·2€..S Zn? $£i“$§sé’§ “$°sm°1ti¥2 °r2i’§"?a$°§.§1‘§?.?.§’,? ‘f b°"k“ ?“ , xamma ion pa ers and other necessary apers, and for c t' $598·

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c ors ma ma ures, urm ure for repairs_to the same, for rebinding T(l0kSI;l1(l periodicals, anilaior Departmental mc- conmngcncing $350; · · · - . u.,lm,,,,,,,,,,,{’,,,,. For department of practical military engineering: For models, '¤¤· bogks ofrefprence, scientific periodicals, and stationery; for purchase an repair o_ mstruments mater1als` d t f t t- mg cadets_m Sm.§»1¤g,’_m0.1u01;.;`.3.eTP§’i§‘.?r1}.‘?g,°EL??1° EL}? t2‘f§g- raphg; military iiel engineering, and field fortiiicatiom for photograp c apd lithograplluc gppartatulss audi tpr field p otograp yan maprepro uc on- oo an ma lt of thed batteries of the_ academy; transportation of fi(el.dup9aL:ti%<(ii’· extra:. uty pay of engineer soldiers at 50 cents per day each when cmg; as assiisiiiapltsdm apgiotographiicf laboragtory or as special s c cs e e men an or co t t Mmmm 0, M_ officrwise provided for, $2,800; , n mgm expenses no ¤¤¤<¤· and gmwy. or dpipartment oi ordnance and gunnery: For purchase, manufacture, an repair of mstruments, models, machmery, and apparatus; for pprghzgetplf of arms axgd agcoigerrpenps other anbthokie sup e e serv1ce· or oo t t stat€onery,1ofli;p and supplies; forOselr(;iiI;,n?>l’sl;‘il{led00me; chamc em o m~ artm t f rdn d f - neiiy, and Iioilontingeiicisslf $1,883; 0 0 mcg an Bounce 0 gm _ or of machmes, tools, and material for practical instruction o cadets in wood and metal working, $500;