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350 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 71. 1914. said terms said officers shall be from the positions held by .P¤¤g,g¤jg¤,f,$°8*g,_*g*;Q§· them under their temporary promotions or a(ppomtments:_ Pravulqd wm' " further, That officers temporarily promoted un er the provisions of this section shall not vacate their permanent commissions, nor shall they be rejudiced in their lineal or relative standmgm the Regular Army zmcliar permanent commissions, by reaspn of their services under temporary commissions authorized by this section. _ _ mgmmswd mum Sec. 9. That all ret1u·ns and muster mlls of orgamzataons of the ` vokmteer forces and of militia organizations while m the service of the United States shall be rendered to The Adjutant General of the Army, and upon the muster out of such oiganizations the records pertaimng to them shall be transferred to an filed in The Adjutant (;}eneral’s ¥°·“°°*'°°°¤*¤· Office. And regimental and all other medical officers serving with volunteer troops, or with militia organizations in the service of the United States, in the Held or elsewhere, shall keep a daily record of all soldiers re rted sick or wounded, as shown by the morning calls or reports, angoshall de 't such reports, with other reports provided for in this section, in 'l2li?Adjutant G‘811B1'8.l’S Office, as provided for herein for other reports, returns, and muster rolls. _ ,,,l,,{,‘?{“,;§*';‘?,},,¥l"g5,_°"““" Sec. 10. That in time of war or while war is imminent organizations of the land forces in the military service of the United States shall be recruited and maintained as near their prescribed strength as v,§m°*g§§'gp°,g°°d°* practicable. For this purpose the necessary rendwvous and epots voiunworvméusrw shall be established by the Secretary of War for the enlistment and my °" training of all recruits, and in order that officers may be available for recruiting duty the President is authorized, by and with the advice and consent of e Senate, to_appoint officers of Volzmteers of the pro arm of the service, additional to those elsewhere herein authorizeelriln numbers not to exceed at the rate of one major, four captains, five first lieutenants, and five second lieutenauts for each organized ¤¤¤*¤=°*i°*‘ °*8¤¤i· regiment of Cavalry, Field Artillery, or Infantry, each three battalions ` of Engineers, or each twelve companies of Coast Artillery; that for purposes of mstruction and discipline the troops at recruit depots erein authorized may be orgamzed into companies and battahons, at the discretion of the Secretary of War, with noncommissioned officers and privates of such grades and numbers as may be prescribed by the President. The recruit rendezvous and I‘6C1'l1ll2 depots herein prescribed shall be under the direct control of the Secretaig of War, _ and shall render their l°r1qE0l"l'»S and returns to The Adjutant eneral of {,g‘;°,1,i*g,,,,,,,,,(,,,,,,,_ the Army: Provided, at to maintain the organized land militia mmm organizations m the military_service of the United States at their mammum strength the recruiting rendezvous and depots in any State or Territory may, at the request of the governor thereof, enlist and tram recruits for the organized land militia organizations in the serv- _ ice of the United States from said State or Territory. ,,,§;°,;‘,§,‘f‘“’ ’°“"°d Sec. 11. That m the organization of a recruiting system, after Congress shall have authorized the raising of volunteer forces, the President is authorized to employ retired officers, noncommissioned oflicers, and private; of the Regu a.r Army, either with their rank on , _ the retired l1st or, D1 the case of enlisted men, with increased non- ,,,},,‘;l‘*“‘“' °°¤*¤¤¤· commissioned rank: or he may, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate,_app0mt and employ retired officers below the grade of colonel, with increased volunteer commissioned rank not to exceed II!. the case of any officer one grade above that held by him upon the _ retired list, or retired enlisted men with volunteer commissioned rank §g$,,‘;·§,,_s,,,,,,,,d_ not above the grade of first lieutenant: Provided, That retired officers and enlisted men while thus employed shall not be e®ble for transfer to the field units, but shall receive the full pay and owances of the respective grades IH which they are serving, whether volimteer or regular, in eu of their retired pay and allowances: Provided further,