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358 SIXTYJTHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 72. 1914. mum omcers. rurrmnn onmcmzs. Pam For pay of officers on the retired list and for omcers who may be placed thereon d the current year, $2,894,175. Additional pay for length of service, $469,432.50 P°Y °‘°’*¤'· For thirteen ay clerks, retired, $21,7 50. _ °‘?‘°°” °“ “°“‘·`° For increasedp pa to retired officers assigned to active duty, $53,300. °°m°°` Additional pay pdr length of service, $22,420. R"**’°°°““"°""“"· arzrmnn nnnrsrnn mm:. P¤y· For pay of the enlisted men of the Army on the retired list, Us $2,482,000. m“°°““°° · 0Us. H°“P'*"“"°'°"‘ For pay of forty hospital matrons, at $120 each, $4,800. V°°°"‘“"“"* For pay of forty-two veterinarians, at $1,700 each, $71,400. Additional pay for length of service, $10,370. _ _ _ _ °°'“'“""“"““*°“°j For expenses of courts-martial, courts of inquiry, milrt commissions, and compensation of reporters and witnesses atte the same, and expenses of taking depos1tions and securing other e ence f°’i·~`“° lZr°.i§’“’§}£{’ S“"“°’ “°e°°°° · ang { bli buud.· 4 ww. \>¤¤<1¤¤z¤ or a 'tio a to officer in e o pu c an °”° '”°°°°°’ D' c' grounds at W n, District of Columbia, $500. ¤¤mm¤¢¤¤i·>¤ M For commutation of quarters to commissioned officers acting dental °°”"°°’ °m°°°' surgeons, and veterinarians and lpay clerks on duty without troops at stations where there are no pub c uarters, $450,000. ¤1¤¢!=1¤z¤¤¢ dnwm For clothing not drawn due to enhsted men on discharge, $600,000. 1¤=¤r¤¤¢ ¤¤ <1¤r>¤¤its For interest on soldiers’ de sits, $90,000. Tmnsinwg For pay of translator ancixlibrarian of the military information section, General Staff Corps, $1,800. _ E¤r>¢r¤¤·¤¤¤¤¤¤¢- For pay of expert accountant for the Inspector General’s Department, $2,500. Exim rest mmf For extra a to enlisted men employed on extra dut for riods !°"m°m°m` of not less thlinyten days in the officgs di coast defense aitillerge engineers, and coast defense ordnance officers, and as switchboard operatorls, at seacoast fortiticatiolns, $11,71£i.05.d ¤w¤=¤hb¤¤r<1 ¤w¤~ or extra ay to te men em o e on extra dut as switch- °°”°° mmm pm" board operatldrs at each interior posfofythe Arm , $1 1,8807 5. A1¤k¤¤¤1>1¤. ¤t¤· For extra gray to enlisted men o the line of the Krmy and to enlisted men of the rgnol Corps employed in the Territory of Alaska on the Alaskan cable and telegraph system, for periods of not less than ten days, at the rate of 35 cents per day, $32,000. °t2iii¤¤s¤ tv vmvm. or mileage to officers, acting dental surgeons, veterinarians, con- ` tract surgeons, pay clerks, and expert accountant, Inspector General’s Delpartment, w en authorized by law, $500,000. dé-ldggggvcgi pw. for- or acggilgogag ten per centum increase on pay of officers on foreign mem. service, , 0 . E¤¤¤-me mm _ For additioggotzlvggity per centum increase to enlisted men on for- B1 servrce, , . cempum. %or pay of one com uter for artillery board, $2,500. L¤¤¤by mxumge. For payment of exchange by special disbursing agents of the Quartermaster Corps serving in forpégn countries, and when specially authorized by the Secretary of ar, by special disbursing agents of Attendance of i the Quartermaster Corps serving in Alaska, $600. ma M service senmgii For subsistence, mileage, and commutation of uarters to officers . . . , Q dm I of the National Guard attending service and garrison schools, $20,000. $3,,, rge¤g,,SP,§¤t_ For three months additional pay to enlisted men reenlisting within the egoghree months from date of discharge from Erst enlistmen , , .