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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. 19 eight of the Act approved May fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty- two; for draft animals and their maintenance; for telephone lines and care of same; and contingent expenses, including freight, stor— 0¤¤**¤8°¤*¤¤<P¢¤S¤¤- age, rent, repairs to apparatus, labor, medals, stationery, newspapers V°1‘ 37* p‘ 75* for statistical pu oses, advertising, and all other necessary expenses not included unlier any other head of life-saving stations on the coasts of the United States, $2,008,000. For establishing new life-sa stations and lifeboat stations on N°"¤****°¤¤- the sea and lake coasts of the llnited States, authorized by law, $20,000, to be available until expended. rrnvnnrm-cU*r·rn1r. snrrvrcn. S,,§,§,§',,f"‘“°'°“*"°’ For expenses of the Revenue·Cutter Service: For pay and allow- P°Y·°°°* ances of captain commandant and officers of that rank, senior captains, captains, lieutenants, engineer in chief and officers of that rank, captains of engineers, lieutenants of engineers, two constructors, not exceeding seven cadets and cadet engineers, who are hereby authorized two civilian instructors, and gilots employed, and rations for pilots; for pa of warrant and petty 0 cers, ships’ writers buglers, seamen, oilers, fiiiemen, coal heavers, water tenders, stewards, cooks, and be , and for rations for the same; for allowance for clothingufplr enljstedlg men; for fuel for vessels, and outfits for the same; ship c - dlery and engineer·s’ stores for the same; actual traveling expenses or milea , in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, for officers travediig on duty under orders from the Treasury Department; commutation of quarters; for maintenance of vessels in the {protection of S¤¤¥¤¤¤¤¤•»¤*¤·· the seal fisheries in Bering Sea and the other waters o Alaska, and ” the enforcement of the provisions of law in Alaska; for maintenance of vessels in enforcing the provisions of the Acts relating to the anchor- iklufhgmzcagtcage of vessels in the ports of New York and Chicago, and in the Ken- vgrl zzjiil 431: nebec River, and the movements and anchorage of vessels in Saint §’Q,;£;§",,;,,_ Marys River; for temporary leases and improvement of property for revenue-cutter purposes; not exceeding $5,000 for the improvement of the depot for the service at Arundel Cove, Maryland; not exceeding $150 for medals for excellence in marksmanship; contingent expenses, C;$¤gg¤¤¢;g<7r>·¤¤·s including wharfage, towage, dockage, freight, advertising, surveys, “ ’p` ' labor, and all other necessary miscellaneous expenses which are not included under special heads, $2,300,000. For repairs to revenue cutters, $175,000. R°P°‘”‘° °"“°”· mrcrravmo Arm rarrzrme. p,E’g;_°"¤¤ ud For labor and expenses of engraving and printing: For salaries of B"'“"°“· all necessary em loyees, other than plate printers and plate printers’ assistants, includingéncrease of gra e rate of operators to $1.75 per day $1 237,780, to egended under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury: Promki , That no portion of this sum shall be ex- *’L8'Qg;’°,;°m Sended for printing United States notes or Treasury notes of larger ` enomination than those that may be canceled or retired, except in so far as suchrlprinting may be necessary in executing the requirements V L of the Act " 0 define and fix the standard of value, to maintain the ° 31' °° “' parity of all forms of money issued or coined by the United States, to re und the public debt, and for other purposes/’ approved March fourteenth, nineteen hundred. For Wages of plate printers, at piece rates to be fixed by the Sec- “'°8”· retary of the_Treasury, not to exceed the rates usually paid for such work, including the wages of printers’ assistants, when employed, including increase of grade rate ofdpr·inters’ assistants to $1.75 per day, $1,437,475, to be expended un er the direction of the Secretary