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362 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 72. 1914. e at milit sts without a or allowances, and_ for appli-

· enlistmghlt isvohile held undgrbbservation; authorized issues

P°¤”°‘*°°*¤· °*°· of soap; for hire of employees; for the necessaryfurnrturei textbooks, paper, and equipment or the post schools and libraries; or the purchase and issue of instruments, office furniture, stationery, and other authorized articles for the use of officers’ schools at the several mrlrtary ts- commercial newspapers, market reports, and so forth: {’*{*f,__,“°r,;;t,m t Prov£$, {Phat hereafter subscriptions to newspgpers magazines, rreéierrs. ° N °odicals, and other publications, purchased m funds of the xjartermaster Corps, may be aid for rn advance; for the tableware and mess furniture for ldtcgens mess haalls, eacgr and all for F°'°=°»°“* the enlisted men includ? recruits; o orage, s t, an _ vinegar or the horses, mules, oxen, and other draft and ammals_of the Quartermaster Co s at the several posts and stations and_with the armies in the field? and for the horses of the several regiments of Cavalry, the batteries of Artille , and such companies of Infantry and Scouts as may be mormted; zur remounts and for the authorized number of officers horses, including bedding for the animals; for seeds and implements required for the raising o forage at remount depots and on military reservations in the Hawaiian and Philippine Islands, and for labor and expenses incident thereto; for straw for soldiers’ bedding, station , typewriters and exchange of same, including blank books and fogrps for the Qréartermaster rC(prps, fordbcha dso `ers an or rin epartmento ersan reports: m""”"""“°"‘°“* .P1'0‘I)I:d0d,-.§§1Bt no part of thel)ap;i·-o§>riations for the Quartermaster Corps shall be nded orbpirinting unless the same shall be done at the Governmennzginting ce, or lgcontract after due notice and competition, except in such cases as e emerglency will not admit of the gi notice of competition, and in casesw ere it isimpracticable to have xs necemary printing done by contract the same may be done, with the approval of the Secretary of War, by the purchase of mate- §,° §°·,,j‘,;,m rial and hire of the necessary labor for the purpose. For the Hscal r¤¤¤¤¤¤- year endintghime thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen whenever the ice ma es, steam laundries, and electric plants shall not come in competition with pgvate entergrpse for sale to the public, and in the opinion of the r rotary of ar it becomes necessary to the economical use and administration of such ice machines, steam laundries, and electric plants as have been or may hereafter be established in pursuance of law surplus ice may be disposed of, laundry work may be done for other branches of the Government, and surplus electric light and wer may be sold on such terms and in accordance with Um 0, such_r;guliliions as may be_ prescribed by the Secretary of War-: P Promd , That the funds received from such sales and in payment for such laundry work shall be used to defray the cost of operation of said ice, laundréy, and electric plants; and the sales and expenditures herein provided or shall be accounted for in accordance with the methods prescribed by law; and any sums remaining after such cost of maintenance and plperation have been defrayed, shall be de ited in the Treasury to e credit of the appropriation from whicgixlihe cost of opieration of such plant is paéd), $8,155,000. mcmmwlexgeuss, Ncmmrrsr. zxrmzsns, ABTEBMASTEB Conrsz Posta e- cost °“"’ ""”“°°' °"’“‘ of telegrams on official business received and sent by officerg df the rkrmy · extra pay to soldiers employed on extra dut , under the directron of the Quartermaster Corps, in the erection of glarracks, quarters, and storehouses, rn the construction of roads and other constant labor for periods of not less than ten days, and as clerks for post guartermasters at mrlrtary posts, and for prison overseers at posts asngnated by the War Qepartment for the confinement of eneral prisoners, and for the United States military rison guard; of extraugy paisrt rates to be fixed by the Secretary oi)War for mess stewards an coo at recrrnt depots, who are to be graduates of the schools