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368 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 72. 1914. °°¤*°¤’¤°¤ ‘“°¤°¤ e idemic and cont 'ous diseases in the Army or at military posts mms oi? stations, muudiiglg measures to prevent the spread thereof and the pa ent of reasonable damages not otherwise provided for, for bedjgig and clothing inglured or destroyed in suc lprevention; for the ay of male and ema e nurses, not including the urse Corps (femalel; and of cooks and other civilians employled for the proper care of sick omcers and soldiers, under such regu tions fixing their number, qualifications, assignment, pay, and allowances as shall have been or shall be prescribed by the Secretary of War; for the pay of civilian physicians emplc ed to examine phgsically applicants for enlistment and enlisted, men, and to ren er other professional services from time to time under proper authority; for the pay of other employees of the Medical Department; for the payment of express compames and local transfers employed directly by the Medical Department for the transportation o medical and hospital supplies, including bidders’ samp es and water for analysis; for supplies for use in teaching the art of cooking to the Hcgpwal Corps; mH*:r,§P’*¤¤ H°°P*· for the supply of the Army and Navy Hospital at ot Sprung, ' Arkansas; or advertisiliig, laundry, and all other necessary misce neous nses of the edical De artment, $700,000. Museum. rcAL Musntm am: llmanzr: For Army Medical Museum, preservation of specimens, and the preparation and purchase of newspecimens, $5,000. - . mam-:. For the library of the Surgeon General’s office, including the purchase of necessary books of reference and periodicals, $10,000. num at Insular mmnarr or msunan Arenas. can of insane sax. Cum or INSANE Frmrmo sonmmzs: For the care, maintenance, “·g',"·I,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,_ and treatment at asglums in the Philippine Islands of insane natives of the Philippine ds cared for in such institutions conformably V°‘· 3·‘· P- m to lathe Act of Congress approved May eleventh, nineteen hundred and e` t, $2,000. In i-me em 1gCaan or msaiqm sonnmns, Poaro R100 Rnemmrr or Inraivrnr: For the care, maintenance, and treatment at as lums in Porto Rico of insane soldiers of the Porto Rico Regiment ofy Infantry, $500. m§·;g_s¤¤••r ¤¤v•¤» rmcmmza nmrammmivr. “1:$)·§w umm Erzomnnn przrorsz For incidental expenses for the depots, in- ` cludipgifuel, lnglgts, chemicals, stationery, hardware, machinery, pay of cx an cler , mechamcs,_laborers, and other employees, extraduty pay to soldiers necessarily employed for periods not less than ten days as artilicers on work m addition to and not strictly in the line of their military duties, such as carpenters, blacksmiths, draftsmen, printers, hthographers, liotographers, engine drivers, telegraph operators, teamsters, wheellhghts, masons, machinists, ainters, oversezgs, lalgorers; for lumber lslnd mater1alsfa.ndl'1o1i_1abor ilir packmgan cramge eersu es;reau·so an ormaterialsto repair, public b , macgihery, anld instruments, and for unforeseen expenses , . wplaéizipgyn lpaglxazgl, Exenmnn Scnoor., WASHWGTONJ Drsrmcr or Conmmraz E uipntc. _ ’ ment maintenance of the E _ cer School at Washington(lBar- ‘1°*P¤¤¤*»·**=- racks, District of Columbia, mclmligi.-iig p1u·chase of instruments, macbineryhimplements, models, and materials, for the use of the school and for instruction of Engmeentroops in their special duties as sappers and miners; for lan m1n1ng,&\pontoniering, and signaling; for purchase and bmding of profession works and periodicals of recent ate treating on military and civil engineering and kindred scientific subyects for the lrbrary of the United States E cer School; for 1¤¤i<1¤¤t•1•¤v·=ns¤¤. incidental expenses of the school, including fuel, hts, chemicals,