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382 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 100. 1914. g CHAP. .— or1zmg' of W th f th i&’€“i%?•*¤G Fort rrenogyp mii“a€`;»°?.“C§‘t‘i*;.aq¤, £"1£°‘é'§.'t"Zr Ma.r%yt1ahn)¢§.otthe8 m“§§J£ ...3 [Public, No. ros] city council of ‘;:éE)`\;lIl1t(i11p&l cgporatroréiré the Stat;) 0:11 1gafr;y0ll;a.ln;iHems?tlr°1.r§ o provisions , gmvr the new immigration station heretofore set aside. Be 12 enacted by the Senate and House o{_hRepresentat·ives of the United §§§,g‘§“·P,Q,‘f,g Fm States q" America in Congress assembled, at the Secretary of War be, ¤¤,{,·g¤v ks¤>¤¤¤¤ ¤¤ and he is hereby, authorized and directed to grant permission to the Im pu mayor and city council of Baltimore, a municipal corporation of the Sgaltle of Mairlylarsd, tlc occupy ainld use the military réeservatron of {prt c e ary an , except at art mentrone m section thee hereofxjlayiid that part now in use léylthe Department of Commerce for a light and fog signal station un er revocable license from the War De artment, with the maintenance of the electric lines thereto, as a pulllic park upon the agreement of said corporation to repair, main- _ tain, and protect the reseryation and the public property thereof @'§,'§’;,,,,_ during the continuance of its occuplancy at its own expense: Promded, 'l'hat the sard (permission sha be subject to such conditions, restrictions, rules, an regulations as the Secretary of War may from T°“""‘“"""· time to time prtelscrrbe romded further, Thgt the Secretary of War may terminate e said 'on to use said grounds whenever and at such time as he may deem it expedient to do so. I“P'°'°j“°“"’ °*’°·» Sec. 2. That any and all re airs im rovements ch d §£él°°=::v°¤?i)*r:rlu by alteratiizns in th; Qouglds, buildiirgsé land Ether ca1pp;1§·gt:·lnahId%;St0 Illia reserva on, ma e e mayor an city conm 0 timore, shaH be made only accor<ill¥ to detailed plans submitted to and approv d by, the Secretary of ar in each casehplrior to theporinmencement (bf a}r;yu;v0rk(;'n<;e§€sEp%r planskgndbthat d such repairs, rrflrggogementls, c_ es, r ons m_ e ysar co ra1on,s without expense to thejUnited States, andliircthe event of this gsilthe drawal of sard permission, such im rovements as the Secretary of R wd of mw War- mt;y El¢;§mIyal;1eaibg> ttocsthe service shall become the °'f‘_ pro 0 e m ta wi outc ttoth G nt- d mm am suclliegtructures as may have been placgd upongtheoiigelrlnvgtidnaby gard ¢;0r·por?1%on, wllrracllrbaro directeicg tlotllie réalmoved therefrom by the _ ecre ary 0 _ ar, s_ e remove 0 wi and the grounds p aced rn a condition entrrel satisfact t him t th f th · mayor councd of Baltiriige, (ind no glaim60?§a,Pn(y¤sc‘l1a(i·actei·) §l.%‘Z‘£ii ‘£§‘¤ff$J£y°1§2i3°§EP°“‘°? by mi °2”Ya°fr?°*‘€‘s3°?€““°“ _ _ ra. ion agams e m ates. mgglgfnyaugn fg rI`r§EC. 3. That permission isrggreby granted the Secretary of the ’° ‘ **8%. t° “s° P°’m*m°¤‘E15' 9 WIP of md $1XtY feet wide belonging to sarélis 0;·t grogrnds, begurmnginat the north corner of the present grpun 0 the ort and exten g south sixty-three degrees thirty mrinutels epst, six hundred and Efty feet to the south corner of the site iiti‘§lJZ.3§d"3i0$t§'§Z§%i€*“§‘%% “°dB°1“"i"2if’f‘“*€}S*“p °* ‘““" es un Baltimore Dry Dock Company and the 1:31 ilf tht; gid immdmedigrtgtlgg station, the same to be used, if so desired, in lieu of acqu1rmg° b purchase or condemnation, an of the lands of the dry dock com in y · P DY so that the Secretary of the_ easury may, m connection with land gggsazguirueg gg; glgpdlidtunoretand (31119 Railroad Company, have right of way so acquired to the c§syO§r;e§td1ii.i11d&1lii(ih€>rsi.>d\1d1 liiseyiririll zh; WL 37,p.m ofdthe Trea.:_u1y have the same fpower to construct,l=011— 88 fully , E? Iagqaggg io; r;.1Brof$;a.;1d other;1 acrhtris upon said outlet , 0 e Mom ‘ _ hundred andpthirteen, setti aside glsitg for an ° fpurigid mdlctgen p,,,,_,,,_ d d f ni _ lmmrgra n atron use or mama; by im PFOVT mg OT M1 Olltlét ii erefrom: Prgmded, hgwwe,. That if the "·*°·¤·•**·-·= Secretary of the T¤·¤¤smy me fs and makes use of said éa-ip of and for the purposes aforesaid, thellVar Department shall have equal use