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392 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 129, 130. 1914. Y’i°°‘°’P°'d””m· N art f 0 ro riated b this Act shall be expended m` for gogvderootilineii tdliailiegrrxilalilli-m·Ifns powdgr at a price in excess of 53 ts . ,R°S';’}g';Q¤idgs¤cmP${; cmOf elizclhmdil the sums appro riated by this Act, after deducting any mms ée memes. amounts required to meet obligations authorized m previous Acts to be entered mto by contract, not more than ten per centum may be used to purchase not exceeding ten per centum in quantity or value of any article or material herem appropriated for that can be manufact1u·ed at the arsenals of the Or ance Department, except when contract costs are less than arsenal manufacturing costs. m*},°,,%;§,,gm°’gf¤“ BOARD OF ORDNANCE AND FORTIFICATION. P¤'°”“°*·*°°°°»°*°· To enable the board to make all_needful and properilpzurchases, experiments, and tests to ascertain, with aview to t G11' ut ation by the Government, the most effective guns, small arms, cartridges, projectiles, fuses, explosives, torpedoes, armor plates, and other 1ID- lements and engines of war, and to gcqzrchase or cause to be manui)act1u·ed, under authority of the retary of War, such guns, carriages, armor plates, and other war material as may, in the ]udgment of the board, be necessary in theuproper of the duty g,*§h,Zf£§£:g°B°r dmlvedhupxe byi tllgah Act agprov Se&te1g1>er tvvierxmlty-seézloln , ` e'teer·u.n ane` —eigt;to y e axyo ecfian member of the Board of Orlduance and Fhrtification rovided b the P Y V¤¤· 2*1 P-769- Act of February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and for the necessary travel? expenses of said member when traveling on duty as contgrpglabo Act; for thel pay?lent of the P°*<“¤¤·°*°— necessary enses 0 e ar , in ud1ng` a per 'em owance to each officeiiliiiatailed to serve thereon, when emplo ed on duty away T¢¤¤*~»¤¤¢· from his permanent station, of $2.50 a day; and hir the test of experimental guns, ca.rr1a.ges, and other devices procured in accordance with the recommendation of the Board of Ordnance and Fortification, $15,000, the ex%€_nditure of which shall be made by the several bureaus of the ar Department heretofore havin urisdiction of P . the same, or by the boar itself, as the Secretary of wu may direct: ni§f€°t> useinvan·· Promded, That before any money shall be expended in the con- “°°°· struction or test of any gun, gun carri e, ammunition, or im lcments under the supervision 0 the saidgboard, the board shallp be satisfied, after due inquiry, that the Government of the United States has a lawful right to use the inventions involved in the construction of such gun, gun carriage, ammunition, or implements, or that the construction or test is made at the request of a person either having such lawful right or authorized to convey the same to the Government. Approved, June 27, 1914. J l · • •"*A L . (7 . I ' ¤§'?‘i€°12r%%» ,.‘§,”i,%€m§.‘}?m.. “· ’*2‘t§{1’i"¤‘;¤e1‘§p§°uE.’?4?€‘32’;§°%r3he2£’?§¤“l ‘Z$¥`2$.$°§£‘p£“` [rebut, Ne. rm.] Nm;] Semcu N, Be it emzcted_by Senate and House of Representatives of the United pauses. pp States of America m Ocmgress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of an money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the naval7 service of the Government for the year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, and for other purposes: Pay, miscellaneous. PAY, MISCELLANEOUS. m§,°§,°§{,‘§,‘;¤‘g§¤“{0P°b¤; The Secretary of the Navy shall send to Congress at the beginning umtto c¤¤gres. of its next regular session a complete schedule or list showing the