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402 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 130. 1914. srpeas muon, v to 0 station, Ne rt, Rhode Island: One assembly “g"'*’°"‘· RL shdii: fio0,0orP<i’;1 one torpedo stvdiglrouse, $85,000; one machme shop, MMM md P*¤*· $ ·:ii1?21?n9i¤mBvan0N ar Navi rpms arm srarrons: For mm repairs and preservation at navy yards, coaling depots, coaling plants, m:1i‘sli:lti0Dbli$1,iv(dgli)sp0navy ards naval stations naval pro ' · o u c W5 unds,Pdepots for deal audyothdr fuel, Naval Academy, N av_ ·*¤°¤¤" “•“•‘* gubservatory, and Marine Corps, $3,475,500, and the amounts herern mm °xPmd°d` appropriated for public works, except for the Naval Observatory and for re airs and preservation at navy yards and stations, shall be available until expended. .,,*§“§‘§}‘g;§ “°‘“°"‘° BUREAU or rmmcnm ann smwmy, S¤r:¤¤¤¤’ ¤•¤•¤- Mrrnroar. Dmramunur: For surgeons’ necessaries for vessels in aldukiiuestabusamsua commission, navy yards, naval stations Marine Corps, and for the civil establishment at the- several naval hospitals, navy yards, naval grepdécal suggl%d;%ots, Naval Medical Schoo , Washington, and Naval c em , . c¤¤¤¤¤s·¤•. Conrririenur, Burman or- Mrmronm arm Sunermr: For tolls and ferriages; care, translportation and burial of the dead; purchase of books and stationery, inding oi medical records, unbound- books, and pamphlets; hygienic and sanitary investigation and illustration; sanitary and h enic instruction; purchase and repairs of wagons, automobile am , and harness; purchase of and_feed for horses and cows· trees, plants, Sgarden tools, and seeds; rncrdental articles for the Naval Medical _ hool and naval drspensary, Washington; rent of moms for naval drspensary, Washington, District of Columbia, not to exceed $1,200• naval medical supplgudepots, sick quarters at Naval Academy and marine barracks; was g or medical department at Naval Medical School_and naval dispensariy, Wasbingtonnaval medical supply depots, sick quarters at Nava Academy and marine barracks, dispensaries at navy yards and naval stations, and shrgs; and for minor resgarrs on ur dings and grounds of the United tates Naval Medical hool and naval medical suppl d ts; for the care, maintenance, and treatment of the insane 0 the £§(dvy I>¤=¤·¤¤¤¢¤¤- and Marine Corps on the Pacific coast; for dental outfits and dental material, not to exceed $38,000, and all other necessary contingent {?§§,"*p’g’;,,, ,,,,,c_ expenses; m all $142,000: Promded, That the expenditure of guvggc $40,000 is hereby authorized from the naval hospital und for such temporary structures and eqrupment of the nav hospitals at Mare Island and Puget Sound as may be necessary to make especral preparation for the sick of the NavyEand visiting fleets at the time of the Panama-Pacific Intemational xposition, and to relieve the present crowded condition of those institutions. ,,,'§§’,§;‘L§fe‘§§_'°'”“’“’ TRA1:%’SPQRTATION_OF nnmams: To enable the Secretary of the Navy, rn his discretion, to cause to be transferred to their homes the remains of officers enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Co who die or are killed rn action ashore or aiioat, and also to enalbilz the Secretary of the Navy, in his_discretion, to cause to be transported Pm_ to their homes the_rema1ns of civilian employees who die outside of _._,,p¤‘{,§g,,,,, ,,,,u,,d_ the continental limits of the United States, $15,000: Promkled, That the sum herem aplpropnated shall be available for payment for transportation of the remains of officers and men who have died while on duty at any time since April twentyiiirst, eighteen lumdred ged Engg;-grgthté and shall be available until June thirtieth, ninen e n n. In all, Bureau of Medicine and S\11‘g€F,Y» $667,000.