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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 130. 1914. 405 the use of courts-martial on board ship;) purchase, repair, and exchange of typewriters for ships; packingg xes and materials; interior fittings for general storehouses, pay 0 ces, and accormting offices in navy yards; coffee mills and repairs thereto; expenses of naval clothing factory and machinery for the same; modernizing laboratory equipment and bringing the same up to date; purchase of articles of equipage at home and abroad under the cognizance of the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, and for the payment of labor in equippi vowels therewith, and the manufacture of such articles in the seve:5 navy ya.rds· muscial instruments and music; mess outfits; soap on board naval, vessels; athletic outfits; tolls, ferriages, yeomerfs stores safes newspapers, and other incidental expenses· abor in general ub"' storehouses, paymasters’ offices, and accormting offices in navy yards and naval stations, including naval stations maintained in island possessions under the control of the United States, and expenses in andling stores purchased and manufactured under "Genera account of advances"; and reimbursement to appropriations of the Depart- F°°‘""”‘°°°°”‘ ment of Agriculture of cost of inspection of meats and meat food _ products for the Navy Department: Proqalled, That the sum to be €§§'§°,,;,l, umm, paid out of this appropriation, rmder the direction of the Secretary of °*°·· °°"*°°¤· the Navy, for chemists and for clerical, inspection, and messenger service in the general storehouses, paymasters offices, and accounting offices of the navy yards and nava stations for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hrmdred and fifteen, shall not exceed $643,000; in all, $2,031 487.25. _ Funrenr, Bunmu or Surrams Arm Aooourrrs: All freight and ,,,E express charges pertaining to the Navy Department and its ureaus except the tra.nsm%»rtation of coal for the Bureau of Supphes and Accounts, $525, . Om, M Corn. arm TRANSPOBTATIONZ Coal and other fuel for steamers’ and ' ships’ use, including expenses of transportation, storage, and handling the same; maintenance and general operation of machinery of nava coaling depots and coalintghplants; water for all purposes on board naval vessels; and ice for e coolirpi of water, inc udrng the expense - of transportation and storage of be , $4,800,000. _ N N su I Those portions of the Acts of June twenty-fifth, mneteen hundred mit. "" ’ °°` aud ten, and March fourth, nineteen hundred and eleven which ,,,§,“"§,°°b°°Pg’,$g‘({;{‘,;*_; create the ‘ ‘ Naval supply account " under the Bureau of Supplies and rpg? rapigmxsgg gum Accounts, are hereb so modified and amended that hereafter the °vti.iie,`§Eivtz,im. a praised value of all stores, equipage, and su(pplies turned in from sllirps, and shi ’ equi age turned in from yar s or stations (except salv e), shallpbe credited to the current appropriations concerned, andatllre amounts so credited shall be available or expenditures for p°·g;;”¤*>‘° ‘°'°*· the same purposes as the appropriations credited; and all Acts or partslog Acts in so far as they conflict with this provision are hereby re ea e . P Bunmu or ooxsraucrrorx AND nrzrarn. mliui-i$°riipgiiiS°m° C0NsTRU0’r1o1v Arm rznram or vussms: For preservation and ,,§,°‘,§¥§.'{.‘,.‘§‘§§,” “"°"‘ completion of vessels on the stocks and in ordinary; purchase of materials and stores of all kinds; steam steerers, plneumatrc steerers, steam capstans, steam windlasses, air craft, and a other auxilraries; labor in navy yards and on foreign stations; purchase of machinery and tools for use in shops; carrying on work of experimental model tank; designing naval vessels; construction and repair offyard craft, lighters, and barges; wear, tear, and re air of vessels oat; genera care increase, and protection of the lgavy in the line of construction and re air; incidental expenses for vessels and navy yards, inspectors? o§ces, such as photographing, books, professional magazines, plans stationery, and instruments for drafting room, and for pay of classified