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410 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 130. 1914. tel h d 1 k te · cide tal labor· advertising water taxeglggstheae? tnfleochorlxeysi tg?} uoims, Itolls, andiferriage; flags and awnings; packing Iboxes; fuelegbrapeaiang and l1ghtmg8ll>a.n%sm•;n’s quarters, pay of mspectors and dr tsmen, music, music an as ronomrcalmstrunrentsg and for the pag ofem loyees onleave,$27§,000. F~¤¤*· Rent of buildmgs for the use or e academy, and commutation of reritlfplri lagndsingnggt $8 pgigrgigggh each, $4,116. , ava c emy . _ _ _ §<*=’·¤¤>,;_¤•g;¤ mm Hereafter in addition to theiappomtments of mrdshipmen to the muiizimmm enum- United States Nayal Academiy as now prescribed by lawii the Secre- "°§jS_,,,(._m3,,,_m, tary of the Navy is allowed teen appomtments annua y from the

  • ¤{,¤;;{*gg·P lm enlgsted men of {the léavy who tara crtizephs og tg Igmtetcll States aid

" nomore wen earsoageoneaoenanceoe _ Naval Academy, and who shall have served not less than one year §’;g·g,m,,°n W as enlisted men on date of entrance: l’romded, That such appomtquimmma ments shall be magp rgcghe tqlrder of mera; from glndidates who have in competition wi e o er passed e men examination now or hereafter required by law for entrance to the Naval Academy, and who passlgd the physical examination required before entrance under existing w. “*'*¤·°*P•~ uanmn conrs. P"0$,,,,,‘ `_ Pa! Mmmm Cours: For ay and allowances rescribed by law mmm of o§ci;r1i on time active list, ingluding clerks for assistant paymasters, vein $95 640. MMM For pay of bflsicers prescribed_by law, on the retired list; For three majorlxgenerals, four brigadier erals, seven colonels, seven léentenant. fonels, toni wom, teeg captains, thirteen first eutenauts our secon tenants one ymaster·’ l k and for ofiibers who may be placed tlieraexon duringathe yea.r,Sir;:liid: ing such increased ay as is now or may hereafter be provided for retired officers r ary assignedto active duty, $186,492.50. §ggx¤m¤{¤¤- Pay of enlis men, active list: Pa of noncommissioned officers musicians, and privates, as prescribed by law, and the number oi enlisted rtpen exclufive dqgcghose rpidergtohrng imprisonment wi sentence o onora e t th expiration of such connnement, andaié? threm<—ixpe:is¢§•;5r<‘i—ic(::le’i·ks oi the United States Marine Cor travexag under orders, and including addrtionabcompensation isnenlis men of the Marine Corps regrélsarly detarledasairgn captams,_gnn pointers, mess sergeants, coo , messmen, sign en, or holding gpod-conduct medals, pins, or bars, mcludintg interest on deposits y enlisted men, post-exchange debts of eserters, under such rules as the Secretary of the Navy may prescribe, and the authorized travel allowance of discharged enlisted men and for rizes for excellence in gunnery exercise and targetipractice, both afloat and ashore. In all, $2 807 215.08. Mw M For pay an allowances prescribed by law of enlisted hien, on the retired list: For four sergeants major one drum major, twenty- seven sergeants, twenttygeiglit quartermaster sergeants, tlm·t_ y—six sergeants, sixty- ee sergeants, fifteen corporals sixteen first-class musicians, one drummer, one trumpeter, one fiferi U dm 61%:31-§.i1§,y%:»rl;r§p4pr;\;s;tw, and for those who may be retired during ¤ wu clothing, u ‘ : F t - . Md ck£[]iliuga$dB£ca 2O’3gOpaymm to discharged enlisted men for Qoeigemomess. eage; or mile e to iii tr d ‘ §¤g§;'”wh.m ram. troops, $55,000: Pméméled, T?18§BlIIlsGf68?'liE.'h1I;€.) ihlilezlggrdiiiadlsl ’°" “"“‘““*’°‘*· géicagrry officer where Government transportation is furnished such