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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 130, 131. 1914. 415 · That no part of any sum herein a ropriated shall be expended for P“'°f;{,§€° €'°”' the urchase of structural steel, ship plates, armor, armament, or mtiérbiddiiimmm maciiinery from any persons, firms, or corporations who have combined or conspired to monopolize the interstate or foreign commerce or trade of the United States, or the commerce or trade between the States and any Territory or the District of Columbia, in any of the Resmctim, 0,, ,,,,.,,_ articles aforesaid and no purchase of structural steel, ship p ates, or machinery shall be made at a price in excess of a reasoua le pront _ above the actual cost of manufacture. But this limitation shall in no ,,,§f{’g‘§,§’,{’,},‘g';g{°“"‘ case apply to any existing contract. - That no Kplart of any sum herein appropriated under "Increase of the ,,,·§,§¥{}g§,'}“°§“é'{’¤,,§:,’ Navy" sh be used for the payment o an clerical drafting, inspec- ME services in D4 tion, or messenger service, or for the tppyqogr ang of the otherelassified t' force under the various bureaus of avy epartment, Washington District of Columbia. spam _ . 'Ilhat no part of any sum a propriated·by this Act shall be used required r¤¤e`i»u$”£ for any expense of the Navy lgepartment at Washingtom,District of ¥’“"‘“““"· Columbia, unles specihc authority is given by law for such expenditure. ,, ,, The President my, in his datasets aime are sae, in such mum, ·· §:’&,,;%%”:..a:.‘? at such price not less than the original cost price and upon such terms “°"· as he may deem proper, of the two battleslups Idaho and DB t { All moneys received from the sale of said vessels shall be deposite_ _ y ° p"°°°°°° the Secretary of the Navy in the Treasury. After said sale, in addition ,,,*$§§,‘,'{‘,‘;,”“ to the two battleships hereinbefore authorized, the President is hereby authorized to have constructed a first-class battleship carrying as heavy armor and as powerful armament as any vessel of its class, to have the highest practicable speed and the greatest desirable radius of action, and to cost, exclusive of armor and armament, not to exceed A H f $7,800,000. Out of the money when so deposited in the Treasury ;m¤¥{L'§,‘{,,”§Zl,2§fv,°§_ there is hereby apgirolplriated toward the construction of said battleship on account o " crease of the Navy": "Oonstruction and machinery/’ $2,000,000; “Armor and armament " $2,535,000; and mma "Equipment," $100,000: Provided, That no vessel shall be sold under omaaim emit. this authorization unless such sale, or the agreement therefor, shall have been made prior to July first, nineteen hundred and fifteen. Approved, Juno 30, 1914. CHAP. 131.-An Act Makintglisrrzlpropriations `for the Department of Agriculture lgelglltliggl for the fiscal year ending June eth, nineteen hundred and fifteen. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Amer·ioa in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, ,,,‘§,,‘{'§§;,°§,',?§,l{$§§§T' and thpy are hereby, approlpriated, out of any monefy in the Treasury of the mted States not otherwise applropriated, in ull compensation for the fiscal year ending June thirtiet , nineteen hundred and fifteen, for the purposes and objects hereinafter expressed, namely: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Sxmrnrss, Orrron or me Sizomrrsnr or AGRICULTURE: Secretary eawlzifgoehrgstzziikéti of Agriculture, $12 000; Assistant Secretary of A§riculture, $5,000; Solicitor, $5,000; clerk, $3,000, and $500 a ditional as custodian of buildings; private secretary to the Secretary of Agriculture, $2,500; stenographer and executive clerk to the Secretary of Agriculture, $2,250; 0118 appointment clerk, $2,000; one chief, supply Inspector mwclerks division, $2,000; 0116 mspcctor, $2,750; one law clerk, $3,250; one ¤1¤rk¤.¤t¤.' ' law clerk, $3 000; three law clerks, at $2,500 each; nine law clerks, at $2,250 each; one law clerk, $2,200; six law clerks, at $2,000 each;