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420 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 131. 1914.

  1. ¤¤e·¤*¤¤¤•¤d¤*· For all necessary e nses for investigations and experiments in
’ animal husbandry;_ fo ents in animal feeding and breeding,

including cooperation wi the State agricultural experiment staizilpgg, glcluding repair; and additiophs to and erecttgoxzugfubuildiixg a u necessary carry on e experimen , dmg emplo y t of labor in the c1t{_of Washington and elsewhere, rent P [ outsicg of the District of Colum ia, and all other necessary expenses, new for mmwy $182,840: Provided, That_of the sum thus aplproprlated $30,000 may

  • "“*’°'“‘ be for experiments m_the breed.1ngma'1f;1 maintenance of horses

p.,.,n,,_ for military purposes: Promded further, t of the sum thus appro-

 $24,500 may be   for exgenments m poultry feeding and

reeding, mcluding the feedangband reeduig of ostrnches and mvestimmm swimqm an erasure srs °‘ G *=°*::s**.:*a“,;.;".$**= Aid ° , a o e sum us ap ro , ma. e i¤i1?p' m' M bmi- xsd fgr tge importation of Corriedale and) othlelra promising breeds of ee or reeding urposcs;

  • ¤"'**"“’°“”~ ‘ Fo}; all pexpenses for scientific investigations in diseases

, of the maintenance and improvement of the bureau experiment station at Bethesda, Maryland, and the necessary alterations of buildings thereon, and the necessary expenses for investigations of tuberculin, serums, antitoxms, and analogous '°•°¤ or construe ono dmgsa ureau expernnen s one ¤g;f=¤¤, ng Prlfducm, $77,3iQ; f buil t b t tati t M Beth% , and bmeau experiment farm at Beltsville, M¤*¤”"”"° For gene, ral administrative work, including expenses and WL salaries of emyilgyees engaged in such worlg rent outside of the Distriet of Colum , office Extures and supplies, express, freight, telegriiph, telephone, and other necessary expenses, $39,286; mm n all, for general expenses, $1,597,996. _ .4a¢ue Mun msrncnou, Bunnau or Irrousrar: For additional VM- 3*·P· 67* expenses in carrying out the EITSVISIODS of the meatanspection Act of June thirtieth, mneteen hun d and six (Thirty-fourth Statutes at Large, page six hundred and seventy-four), there is hereb appropriated for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteenfiundlred Qdmrmwtm and fifteen, the sum of $375,000: Provided, That the provisions of the meat-inspection law may be extended to the inspection of reindeer. Total for ureau of Animal Industry, $2,245,026. nf{_·¤* mmtw B°· BUREAU OF PLANT INDUSTRY. P¤y ¤f¤Mgf M ¤¤- Sanxnms, Buamu or Pum Im>us·rnr: One h `ol ° t and ”°°’°l°"°’ t°' atholwist, who shall be chief of bureau, $5,000;po1§1cl§§lS clerk, g3 000; one executive ass1stant in seed distribution, $2,500; one officer in chaage of publications, $2,250; one landscape gardener, $1,800- one o_ cer in ch _ e of records, $2,250; one su rmtendent of seed weighing and, $2,000; one executive cl)e(i·k, $2,250; three executive clerks, at $1,980 each; one assistant superintendent of seed warehouse, $1,400; one seed mspector, $1,000; nine clerks class four; fourteen clerks, class three; two clerks, at $1,500 eachi twenty-one clerks, class two; fifty-two clerks class one; one clerk; $1,080; nine clerks, at $1,020 each; thirty-three clerks, at $1,000 each; fifty-tive clerks, at $900 each- thirty clerks, at $840 eacheighteen clerks, at $720 each- one laborer, $780; forty-two messeni gers or laborers, at $720 each; twelve messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $660 each; twenty-six messengers, messenger boys or laborers, at $600 each; one artist, $1,620; one clerk or artist; $1,200; one photographer, $1,400; one photographer $1,200; one photographer, $900; one (photographer, $840; one laboratory aid $1,440; one laboratory ai , $1,380; three laboratory aids or clerks;