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426 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 131. 1914. roducts cut or removed from the national forests to be e_ orted hom the State, Territory, or the District of Alaska m wlulgli said °°‘°°'°"‘*°°°‘ forests are tively situated; to transport and care for fish and game suppli$ to stock the national forests or the waters therein; ·*8°¤*°· °*°- to employ agents, clerks, assistants, other labor roqmrod in practical forestry and in the admmistratron of national forests, m the city of Washington and elsewhere; t.o_ collate, digest, rzport, and illustrate the results of experiments and investigations m e by the “"”“°‘· °‘°· Forest Service; to purchase necesszcrylgupplies, apparatugi and office fixtures and techmcal books_and t c_ journals for o_ cers of the Forest Service stationed outside of Washington, and medical supplies necessary for immediate relief of artisans, laborers, and other employees engaged in any hazardous work xmder the Forest Service; to a freight ex ress tele hone and tele ph charges· for electric _ y r 2 P 2 _ gra { , llggli and wer, uel, gas, rce, washing towels and officxal traveling and other necess nses, mcludm traveling expenses for le a d fiscal officer·:'yw§;c erfo Firest Service work; and for an p rming _ mmm { t remit outside of th; lgiitgict of (gglumbra, as follows} _ the _ ,,,,,,,,, °'" ’· or s 'es an e an s tion , mc uding mamma 'M tenauce of nurseries, collecting seed, planting necessary for the use, maintenance, improvement; and protection of the national forests named below:

  • ”""°""·“°"*· Absaroka National Forest Montana, $7,425;

“‘“‘°· N· “"· Alamo National Forest, N'9W_MOQ1G0, $4,400;

  • ""‘°°· °"· Angeles National Forest, California, $16,774;
  • ¥’°°"°· *"‘· Apache National Forest, Arizona, $8,610;
  • ""“‘°°· °°1°· Arapahoe National Forest, Colorado, $11,970;

TU? md Arkansas National Forest Arkansas $16,910; Wyo. y' Ashley National Forest, Iltah and Wyoming, $6,260; B“‘"°‘“°""· °°‘°· Battlement N atronal Forest Colorado, $7,380; g°""°°""·,“;";n Beartooth National Forest, Montana, $7,020; nno°funno. ’ ° Beaverhead National Forest Montana and Idaho, $10,585; B*¤’“""· w>’°· Bighorn National Forest, Wgoming, $15,100; ”‘“°“°°‘· “°°‘· Bitterroot N ational Forest, ontana, $15,530; ¤*¤¤¤·=¤*»M·=¤*· Blnoktoot National Forest, Montana $24,980; B“‘°k#H*“’·S· D°"· Black Hills National Forest, South Ilakota, $14,140; B°’°°· “°*’°· Boise National _Forest Idaho $12,373; "°°'*°"'“°» “'Y°· Bonneville N atronal Forest Wyoming, $7,250; B""‘¤°'· w’°· Bridger National Forest, Wyoming, $4,200; g;c*·;·;•*g{·;¤;~_¤d Cabinet National Forest Montana $11,740; mono. ’ Cache National Forest, 'Ctah and Idaho, $7,170; g:‘:§(_’:*°i& and California National Forest California $19,600; wg:. ’ ° Caribou National Forest, Idaho and Wyoming, $6,146; ”°¤· N- “°*· Carson National Forest, New Merdco, $13,900; °“°°d°· °”8- Cascade National Forest Oregon, $23,040; °"“““,“’“’°· Challis National Forest, Idaho, $7,015; g°u_’:;;_W“*’·A I Chelan National Forest, Washington, $9 130; md N_ gag? “Chmcahau N ational Forest, Arizona and New Mexico, $3,750; °l*“¤¤°¤··“°¤k¤- Chugach National Forest, Alaska, $16,330; Cl°°"°°°’» m¤¤°· Clearwater National Forest, Idaho, $17,330; °l°”°*¤·¤d» cet Cleveland National Forest, California, $16,329; °°°h°l‘°P“· °¤*¤· Cochetopa National Forest, Colorado, $7,000; g‘;°°m¤°&j*$· Coconmo N atronal Forest, Arizona, $12,610; mt§“' °“°’ Coeur d’Alene National Forest, Idaho, $41,440; Colorado, cozo. Colorado National Forest, Colorado, $8,734; Columbia, wan. Columbia National Forest, Washington, $17 ,880; Colville, wana. Colville National Forest, Washington, $9,210; gganmtgam. d ggronadxo atilcixiral Foregz, Arizona, $6,470; c,,_ ’· mg- °¤ ater r ation crest, on and California $18,800· oroonnzmz. Crook National Forest, Arigzgna, $6,940; , ’