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434 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 131. 1014. den, $1,200; one draftsman, $900; one messenger, messenger boy, or laborer, $480; one laborer, $600; one charwoman, $240; in all, 790. . °°°°”“ °*P°°•°*· wénnmn nxrmtsns, Bunmu or Browercar. Stmvnr: For salaries and employment of labor in the city of Washington and elsewhere, furniture, supplies, traveling and all other expenses necessary m conduct- ' investigations and carrying out the work of the bureau, as follows: m:ii°v.§°°;l$ mlior the enforcement of sections two hundred and forty-one, two "‘§9g;_°°°· m., hundred and forty-two, two hundred and forty-three, an two hunma 3s' W dred and forty-four of the Act approved March fourth, mneteen hundred and nine, entitled "AnActtocodify, revise, and amend thepenal u(i3Ki§' mmuy laws of the United States," and for the enforcement of section one of "°‘·“‘· P- ”’· the Act a proved May twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred, entitled “_An Act to enllirge the owers of the Department of prohib1t the transportation by interstate commerce of game killed m violation of local laws, and for other pur%ses," $16,000; _ R••¤¤¤¤¤¤¤*°¤¤*- For the maintenance of the ontana N ational Bison Range and

 other reservations under supervision of the Biological Survey, mcluding construction of fencing, wardens’ quarters, s elters for animals,

landings, roads, trails, bridges, ditches, telephone lines, rockwork bulkheads, and other improvements necessary for the economical rmaeam ot me administration and protection of the reservations, and for the en-

  • "$§{'§,,, lm forcement of section eighty-four of the Act approved March_fou.§tll3

nineteen hundred and nine, entitled "An`Act tocodafy, revise, Purchase of game, amend therpenal laws of the United Statm," $21,000, of which sum °‘°· $2,50% may behused for purchase, capture, and transportation of game or natio reserva ons; rm mmsmm For invmtiglsging the food habits of North American birds and “"""‘““"“* mammals in r tion to agriculture, horticulture, and forestry, includpaatyiug ¤¤¤a¤s ing experiments and demonstrations in destroying wolves, Erairie °"“"‘"" dogs and other animals injurious to agriculture and anim husbandry, and for investigations and experiments in connection with

f fur-bearing ammals, includinilmink and marten $115,000:

gy,gn•g,*;qu,m,& , That of this sum $15,000 sh be used for the destruction of ground squirrels on the national forests: And provided fiutluzr, wm °“°‘¤*¤ Um- That of this sum not more than $5,000 may be used in investigating the disease of wild_ducks in the Salt Lake Valley region of Utah_; ,,,;_“j‘°¢*°·‘ *¤'•¤’¢°· For biolczgcal mvestigations, including the re ations, habits gleographic tnbution, and migrations of animals and plants, and t e pre&aration of maps of the life and crop zones, $26,500; Psqnxg zzpghnmmn For_ e imsnrovement of a we preserve in Sullys Hill National °§,e,sn.m¤, gm, Park, in the tate of North D ota, $5,000, the same to be available ¤¤¤'° *¤· until egended. The of Agculture is authorized to inclose e sa1<;£a.rk with a and su tantial fence, to construct thereon all sh , bmldmg, corrals necessary for the proper care and maintenance of e animals and birds therein, to erect a suitable hepdquarters, to construct and maintain roads, trails, and other structures necessary for the convenience of visitors, and to mcur such other expenses as may be necessary for the roper maintenance of the preserve and the animals and birds placed] therein. The Secretary of Agriculture is also authorized to place in the ark buifalos, elk, deer, and such other wild or rare animals and liirds . as he may in his discretion decide. P_g;¤¤¤¤¤¤v¤ ¤- For general administrative expenses connected with the abovementioned lines of work, including cooperation with other Federal

5d&p0artments, boards, and commissions, on request from

Gm} I ; ‘ =e>ryb¤¤1¤.¤¢c. For all necessary expenses for enforcin the revisions of the Act §°;$[",fi§’i‘-[ approved March fourth, nineteen hundred aiid thirteen (Thirty- seventh Statutes at Large, pages eight hundred and forty-seven and