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436 SIXTY·THIB.D CONGRESS. Sms. II. Ch. 131. 1914. sum or cmp BUREAU OF CROP ESTIMATES. Estimates. 0 c annum umm Cnor Esmu : On tatistician, who "f:y°'°lk"lu::’?' bu- shill be clfiefliaf burl;a1zF$4,000; one chi¥•?clerkF$l,800; six clerks, class four; nine clerks, class three; fomteen clerks, class two; one clerk, $1,300; eighteen clerks, class one; seventeen clerks, at $1,000 each; twenty-one cllgbrblzs, at $£:;027e2zch; two tgiessengers, at $340 each , a each; o messengers, essenge btvd;s,m at Slitg each; one memenger, messenger boy or laborer, $480 ;_ one charwoman, messenger, or laborer,_$540; two charwomen, messeuger boys or laborers at $360 each, m all, $115,580. ¤¤¤•l¤p•¤s¤•. Gamma. nzgvnxsppécllunnau or Cn0r· : For all neces- $1% ;s`,m°°;¤dd?i*¤Z?smh¤¤¤{"g;g’d°~`*:i§i*.?.·°¤g...“ whckmsms; an ve-s es a iililcliilding yield, anllczalue oligarm products as follows: ’ Mminheman u- Salaries and plmploymenglpf Iago;] in lthe city of Fgaslxinlgtondand mangas. lsewh , te an ep one service, l‘61glr an exmw E1-ess all ocglier iieoessary mmcellaneous administrative wgznses. $24. ; ••¤¤¤e¤¤¤ l' trael d th f loyeesoutof °"° " " the ami'; w.Znt§;n°8sg°£g%a°°s“E§ld°"s.°““sa‘§.2;0§‘§Z%13.5,300, rams ¤¢ smears Tlnghereafter the powers conferred and the utnes imposed by law B“'°°"‘”“‘“'°”°“‘°‘ on the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of shall beemercised and epirformed bystilaeb lg01%eau of Crop Estimates. In f uses. · · I Totadlllfolirlgxlleau ollxgsop Estimates, $275,580. mem. LIBRARY, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. my of annum, Snnms, Lmnanr, Drxrannmur or Aexucmrrunnz One libra- °‘°""·°‘°· rian, $2,000· one clerk, class three; one clerk, class two; four clerks, class one; three clerks, at $1,080 each; six clerks, at _$1,000 each; tive clerks, at $900 pggh; one clerk, {3,40; one ]ut1;1Ip; library assistt, messenger$ ; umor r assis ,ormessen er ` gysluat $600 each; one messerlger, messeldyger boy, or laborer, $4§0; one charwoman, $480; all, $27,8gO. books f mf _ I csusiupeme. Gmxmiua. mxrmcsms, manu: or o emnce, ca d tifi books and °odicak and for expenses - glirrallm coignpletixré xageerfmect for the employment of additionalassistants in e city of Wmhington elsewhere; for official

8n:igs1, g,p;l5g· library fixtures, hbrary cards, supplies,

Total for Library, $45,360. mamma., US EXPENSES. ¤¤¤**¤&•¤¢¤¤1>¤¤=¤¤· Mrscm.L.§)Nl§£l;r t;:¤-s, DEPARTMENT d1;F A(§gICUL'l'U%E2 For ttion, ,°ep¤., g00 S0 h, i)I:OIIlS?I%18lS, oils, paints, glass, llilirmglrliardware, iee,8}iiel,n:at;lr and gas pipes, heating apparatus, furniture, carpets, and matting; fig- lrghts, r<;1ght, czgargg, adgertising, telegraphinghteleomng, pos e, was we , an necess re - grovements toiliuildings, grounds, and heating-ZppaI1?§i1Ss;ai1or ltlllie purchase, subsistence, and care of horses and the purchase and repair gf harness and veléigisl, for oilié:1;1llpDu1;%poses only; {or the payment of ti 0 importe `c es, an e art t tur “r§.?¤$.. Sl;. of the ms. of sells. TQ?} Xg$%'§1“s..$ il-K lic; official traveling expenses; and for otllier miscellaneous supplies and expenses not otherwise provided for, and necessary for the practical and eiiicient work of the department, $110,000.