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440 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 131. 1914. l . ext rdinary emergenc and then only upon the written order of themS(;crctary of _ _ Total, Department of Agriculture, for routine and ordinary work, $19,098,832. ’“"‘°““"°"‘· MI S. ‘“’°°"""'°E,,,,.,.,,., *°‘..‘n,.n E acmmrrr snerromz Aer: To enable the Secreta

  • ¤(;°,_ 36 p_:,_ of Algiizultrrre to ggrrgiung effect the provisions of the Act of Apg

’ twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and ten, entitled "An Act for (prevenlt;ingdtg1;f’r1anufacture,Isa(le, or trgporgatrplp of adnilitzlegate 05 misran aris ,eaarsena ,anoer1nsec es,an also fu ’ 'd , 5 fo ting traffic therein and for other purposes,’P?rcih:Sci&tIyi of n and elsewhere; including chemical apparatus chemicals and supplies repairstoapparatus gas electric 7 I I I current ihcial traveling expenses te egra h and telephone service, expresshiird freight chareirz and all other gcauseshemploying such assistants, clerks, and 0 persons as may considered necessary forghe purposes named, $95,000. F ltmezzencyceenw- errrme arm rnmvnrrrme rvonnsr mnms rrr mrmzomror: or °°*’°°°"f°”°°°”` lr d reveu forest fires in cases of extraordmary` emer- . g·§n¢?yl:§il0l0,0i))0, or stdugruch thereof as may be necessary.

“';,’,§§ Emonemmm or mn rurrr quaaaurmn Am-: To enable the

ms- Secret of Agriculture to carry into effect the provisions of the vm 37 m 85* Act ofmgugnst twentieth nineteen hundred and twelve as amended '°°° ’ March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, entitled "An Act to rrigulatemtihe importatrgpe ge nursery stocg: and other plantsbahrgg ant ucts;‘toena taryoAgrrcu1' tureto ta ` {nd nijaintain quarantine districts for plant mils insect pests; to permit and regulate the movement of fruits, plants and yegetables therefrom, and for other purposes," in the city of Washrngitopelang elsewhere, mcludrng 0iiig1alfr‘§sral·gahng expensesi tar-ilegrsiph an ep one service, exprem an rg charéges, an other em lo such istant , l ks, th n°“".,1,,°’i?.?“.;.nn.l’n.n"“gn.n.n..n,$‘“?nn nnnspni-§§... 3.%..3, §0%°'“ ““ u$_¤¤1;;¤$l¤;•ém¤:% o enable the Secretary of Agriculture to cooperate with those pe•:atoea,etc. States m the inspection of Irish potatoes where a quarantine has been or hereafter shall be established by the Secretary of Agriculture, prohibiting the movement of such potatoes from any State into any other State, District, or Territory of the United States except under suchtmles an};1 regulatiogs as he trlnay presézrgbe, said for tihe enforcemen o suc rues an regula ons, t t { persons and ineans necessary in the city ofolwashisgntxlinoxaldldnekgcm Mu where, there is hereby appropriaged tge sgrmnr of $50,200. °<:¤<gmk:¤- _CEOF _1¤rrs: oena t t `ult t ml€"nann·ii:n¤ni»ni»‘*¢iZ acquire and to diffuse among the 6 gse of 1t(heul%ni>tedAgi:-i’tesIi1rs‘iafu(l “°“· mformation on subjects connectegegvith the marketing and distribution of farm products, and for the employment of persons and lmeargs necessary trlrdthle city offgashington and elsewhere, there is ere y approprra e sum o 200,000. R¢¢=¤¤¤¤*i¤¤ ¤r¤r Drmonsmxnoxs on anoumarrou momor : T bl h géidlorggmmngzrfnmm Secretary oi to encolrrage and aid in tlge gngiicriltrirail · eveo men o e vernmen rec tr ° ts- to t

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‘ o o rsons a sans _ in {nn ci? of wnmngtnn anydnelsewhelrig, $40,065. m ”°°°‘”“”" F31p;g]¤;¤g&•p¤1gm_Dn To eua_ le the Secretary of to coo rate with and make smut to nnnrnnr. an exhibit at the next annua meeting of tli); International Dry ‘°°·"·’·"°· Far-min§iCo¥ress, to held at Wichita, Kansas, during the fiscal year en_ ng une_thirtreth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, illustrative of the mvestrgatrons, products, and processes relating to farming