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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 132. 1914. 449 the district attorney, and so much as may be necessary for said urposes during the iiscal year ending J 1me thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, IS hereby appropriated. For rent of remises for the use of the United States court for Rm- China at Shanghai, $2,400. INTERNATIONAL ormom or mmnrc nnaum. For the a ent of the quota of the United States for the ear ,,,I§}§i,'§§§¥,°,';’}{hP“‘°° nineteen hiinilrmed and fourteen toward the support of the Irirter- y,¤j*3;§1>·2¤]gL national Office of Public Health, created by the international arrange- ° ’ P' ment signed at Rome December ninth, mneteen hundred and seven, in pursuance of article one hundred and eighty-one of the International Sanitary Convention signed at Paris on December third, nineteen hundred and three, $3,015.62. INTERNATIONAL SEISMOLOGIOAL ASSOCIATION. For defra the necess e uses in fulnlling the obli tions I“*°F”°*‘,°““ss¤’m.S,°*°· of the United States as a mterrhbeligiii the International Seismdlbgical mmm! ur Association, including the annual contribution to the expenses 0 the association, $800. annrraxrxon or OUTSTANDING rnoumanr cnams BETWEEN rms ,,£g*§ug·yAé¤,;;*;_g°;g nirrrnn siwrns Arm onmr imrranw. bimum For the of the arbitration of outstanding pecuniary claims {°¤§£°£€°§',; ms, between the United State\:1g.§idfGre3:; Britain, in aicordangpglvith tthle special' ment oonc or at urpose ugust teen , mneteen Eundred and ten, and the schediiles of claims thereunder, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State, as follows: i _ Salaries and expenses of the tribunal: For the pa ent by the ,,'{,`§‘,,l§'Q.?]"°°l°“°"'d United States of one—half of the following expenses: Iiyoii three arbitrators for three months, at $1,200 each per month, $10,800; stenographer for arbitrators, for three months, at $100 per month, $300; messenger; for three months, at $60 per month, $180; traveling expenses of arbitrators, $2,000; reporting proceedings, $5,000, or so much thereof as mpg be necessary; and or printing, stationery, and su lies, $500; in $9,390. gidr rent of office for joint secretaries, $360. A mm d ` Salaries, United States agency: Agent, to be appointed by the ¤X$£e°Z S °° President, by and with the advice an consent of the Senate, $7,500 m,,Q}’°‘°‘“°"‘ °‘ per annum- counsel, $5 000 per annum; two counsels, at $2,520 per annum each; two law clerks, at $1,800 per annum each; joint secretary, who shall also act as disbursing c erk, $3,000 per annum; two stenographers, at $1,200 per annum each; and messenger, $720 per annum; in all $27,260. Expenses, United States agency: Necessary and contingent expenses, $12,700. COMPILATION or cnmrzsm irizmvrms. The applropriation of $2,500, or so much thereof as mg be neces- ¤.g$”?£au€ih°i° °! cu sary, for the printing and binding of a compilation by the epartment }’Q*g§p§Z;,,§;,§?§,;,¤_ of State_ of the treaties, contracts, and international arrangements entered into by the Empire and Republic of China with other governments, made m_the Act a proved %ebruary twenty-eighth, nmeteen hundred and thirteen, maging appropriation for the Diplomatic and Consular Service for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hxmdred and fourteen, is herebé rea propriated and made available for the fiscal year ending June `egi, mneteen hundred and fifteen. 91006°-—vo1. 38--rr 1--29