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28 SIXTY·THIRD CON GRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. of the District of Columbia. as {-jg and now assessed in the names of Thomas R. and Martha G. Harney: Prqmded further, _That °¤Qf°“m°¤* °' '°°”· in determining the amounts to be d agamst the lots, pieces, ` or parcels of land in the neighborhood of the land to be condemned for ` the extension or enlargement of said park the jury shall take into consideration the respective situations and topographical conditions of said lots, pieces or parcels of land and the benefits and advantages ’ th may severally receive from the extension or enlargement of saiiltpark by the adding thereto of said land to be condemned, and shall assess such benefits against said lots, pieces, or parcels of land and t an and all other lots, pieces, oglgarcels 0 land the jury may Ed benehyted by the said extension or argement of said {park as aforesaid, as the may iind said lots, pieces, or parcels 0 land ceueemn erases- will be benefited: li providcdfurther, That as the several assess- “"""* ments authorized to be made are made by the juzy, they shall severally be a lien upon the land assessed and shall be collected as special improvement taxes in the District of Columbia, and shall be payable vt:. ai, p. isi. as provided in subchapter one of chapter fifteen of the Code o Law To he uqmaea to for the District of Columbia; such assessments, when collected, to be §",g?,_ °' °"“°° deposited in the Treasmy of the United States to the credit of the United States. ¤=¤¤¤z¤¢q¢¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION. warm For salaries of seven commissioners, at $10,000 each, $70,000. For salary of B60I‘B'li8IZY, $5,000. E¤>¤¤¤· For all other authorized expenditures necessary in the execution of laws to regulate commerce, $950,000, of which sum there may be _,,f¤°°¤*'°*°°“”’°‘· expended not exceed? $50,000 m the employment of counsel, not excced:u§S$3,000 for the purchase of necessaiy books, reports, and periodic , not $1,500 for printing other than that done at the Government Prmting Office, not exceeding $100 in the 0 n market for the purchase of office fumiture similar in class or to that listed in the general suppgr schedule, and not exceedin $65,000 Rm. maiy be expended for rent 0 ildin in the District of Colimbia. ¤;r¤rl<$¤jrz¤i’_d¤:_=¤¤¤¤=- o further enable the Interstate Cismmerce Commission to enforce miitnlm, p. wi; v¤1. compliance with section twenty of the Act to regulate commerce as

    • -1*- 5*** angnded thengctilppprovpd June tvienty-ninth, nineteen hundred

an six,mu eemo enton secial GXT _ Bm, $300é£00·b of gm ecessary p agents or Arb%t¤i·l¤8 muway _ 0 carry out e 0 jects 0 e "Act concernmg° carriers e ed ' °*%Y,'f3$$’§;_m interstate commerce and their employees/’ approved Jdgggiii-stl? "°*'· P· "°’· eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, $10,000. ' p,,§g§_g§Y ¤*‘°*Y °P‘ To enable the Interstate Commerce Commission to keep informed 29;;lé5??§g£35;¥1;W;2;; and toieznforézle comphancsrgiglg Act? to promote the safety v_35,’ _ 350/o eesau rav ersu nra` a ,ic ' Q f bl; N; of Ignsjrieizllsrors, $150,000% all po n uding the °mp1°’m°“‘ .»¤,g0,h ¤g> va °¤· _ or the ayment o authorized enditu der guiien. esgviif. visions of the Act of February seventegipth, uingzzegnhundlihil eleven, "To promote the safety of employees and travelers upon ra1lroads by compelling common earners engaged in interstate commerce to equip the1r locomotives with safe and suitable boilers and appurtenances thereto," mcluding such stenographic and clerical he p to the chief_mspector and his two assistants as the Interstate Commerce Commission may deem necessary and allowances in lieu gasublggtence while away gpm officgal hxidxicmters to persons whose ve expenses are au orized s ‘ exceed $4 per day, $220,000. y t to be pwd at not to