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452 srxrvrrrnnn CONGRESS. sms. 11. GH. 132. 1914. fifth, nineteen hundred and six," and amendments thereto, as follows: _ Consulsageneral, $303,000; consuls, $734,000; 111 all, $1,037,000. °°"”“l°' ‘”“P°°°°”’ For s aries of five consular inspectors, at $5,000 each, $25,000. mxrnnsms or CONSULAB msrnorous. ,,,'§,,";{°““‘* °“°·· °" For the actual and necessary traveling and subsistence expenses of consular inspectors while traveling and inspecting under mstructions from the Secretary of State, $15,000. SALARIES or ooNsoLAn Assrs·rAN·rs. °°“‘“’“'“"°'·‘· For forty consular assistants as provided for by law, $46,600. ALLOWANCE Fon orinmr umn AT imrmn STATES ooNsULA·rr:s. °*°"” •*°°'”°l**°°- Allowance for clerk hire at consulates, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State, $375,200. sA1.A1mas or mmnrnnrnns fro ooNsULA*1*ns IN CHINA, CHOSEN, JAPAN, AND smmz1A. m,Ig,*gP*°“¤ ¤* °°¤· Interpreters to be employed at consulates in _Cl1ina, Chosen, ` Japan, and Siberia, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State, $41,700. iuxmmszs or mrmnrnnmns, oUAnDs, AND so roam, IN Tunmsu DOMINIONS, AND so ronrn. ,,,¥‘°°’P'°*°”·*¥°°"’·’· Inte reters and guards at the consulates in the Tm·kish dominions, Persiaflllorocco, northern Africa, and at Zanzibar, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State, $30,000. sA1.Am1:s or mA1zsnA1.s ron CONSULAR oomvrs. wQf§’¤°l=*· °°¤$“l°* Marshals for the consular courts in China, Chosen, and Turkey, $11,000. ceuiumpnmi. EXPENSES or PHISONS Fox AMERICAN OONVIOTS. Smgm Actual expense of renting a prison at Shanghai for American convicts in hi11a, $1,200; for contingent expenses, $1,200; for the wages of a keeper of such_ prison, $1,200; and for the wages of an assistant keeper of such prison, $800; $4,400. Keeping vriwnem- Paying for the keeping and feedingrplf prisoners in China, Chosen, frigifxfmt Siam, and Turkey, $9,000: Pmmkied, at no more than 50 cents per ' day for the keeping and feeduilg of each prisoner while actually con— fined shall be allowed or pai for any such keeping and feeding. This is not to be tmderstood as covering cost of medical attendance and medicines when required by such prisoners. Rm. am. Turkey- Rent of prison for American convicts in Smyrna, Turkey, and for walges of keepers of the same, $1,000. ent of prison for American convicts in Constantinople, Turkey, and for wa es of kee rs of the same $1 000. F _ P6 _ I 7 K°°P°”~ °¤°°°¤· Wages o prison keepers 111 Chosen, $600. In all, $16,000. m:1.m1=· AND rnor1=:c·rroN or AMERICAN snAMnN. ,.§‘.§E§l °f ‘“'“°"'°°” llelief and protection of American seamen in for-e' countries, and shipwrecked American seamen in the Territory dim Alaska, in the Hawaiian Islands, Porto Rico, the Panama Canal Zone, and the Philippine Islands, $20,000.