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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. 469 $2,400; superintendent, repairs division, $2,400; superintendent, accounts `vision, $2,500; superintendent, maintenance division, $2,500; files and records div1sion—chief, $2,500, assistant chief, $2,250; head draftsman, $2,500; administrative clerk—eigl1t at $2,000 each· technical clerks--four at $1,800 each; clerks—nine of class four, additional to one of class four as bookkeeper $100, four at $1,700 each, fourteen of class three, six at $1,500 each, thuiteen of class two, eight at $1,300 each, twenty-one of class one, four at $1,100 each, seven at $1,000 each, three at $900 each, two at $840 each; photographer, $2,000; foreman, duplicating galley, $1,800; two duplllicatirgg paperfichemists at $1,200 each; foreman, vault, safe, and lock s op, 1,100; ve messengers; two assistant m ; messenger boys———three at $480 each, two at $360 each; sldlled la&rers—four at $1,000 each, seven at $960 each, one $900, one $840; labore1s—one $660, one $600; in all, $220,800. M, Onmcn or Courrnonnnn on mmm TREASURY: Comptroller, $6,000; °°m°°° “°m°°' assistant comyiatroller, $4,500; chief clerk, $2,500; chief law clerk, $2,500; law c rks revising accounts and briefing opinions—one $2,100, eight at $2,000 each· expert accountants—six at $2,000 each; private secretary, $1,800; clerks-eight of class four, three of class three, one of class imo; stenographer and_typewriter, $1,400; typewriter-copyist, $1,000; two messengers; assistant messenger; laborer; in all, $73,460. Om , A mm M Omen or Annrron ron Tanesunr Dnmnmmnr: Auditor, $4,000; rm¤¤¤§°¤·rf¤¤¤¤¤¤. chief clerk and chief of division, $2,250- law clerking,000; two chiefs of division, at $2,000 each; clerks-eighteen of c four, fifteen of class three, thirteen of class two, thirty-one of class one ten at $1,000 eargi fpur at $900 each; three assistant messengers; three laborers; in , 141,790. Omen on Amirroa non Wm Dnrenmmnrz Auditor, $4,000· w2rm1i°a§ir$K•?i¤°£”m assistant and chief clerk, $2,250; law clerk, $2,000; chief of division of accounts, $2,500; chief of division, $2,000; two assistant chiefs of division, at $1,900 each; chief transportation clerk, $2,000; clerkstween?-two of class four, forty-mne of class three fifty-five of class two orty-five of class one, mne at $1,000 each; three at $900 each; skilled laborer, $900; messenger; five assistant messengers; nine laborers (one transferred to Loans and Currency Division); messenger bo , $480; in all, $291,010. 0 M I I Omen on Annrron ron New Dnmnmmurz Auditor, $4,000* r:¤v$°f>$°pm`$3i¤.€`il °' chief clerk and chief of chvision, $2 250; law clerk, $2,000; chief of division, $2,000; assistant chief of division, $2,000· clerks-—thirteen of class four, twenty-two of class three, twenty of class two, twenty- three of class one, six at $1 000 each, six at $900 each; messenger; assistant messenger; three laborers; in all, $141,390. _ mm 0, Ammo, ,0, Omen or Annrron ron hrrnnxon Dnmnrnmnrz Auditor, $4,000* imno: mpmmaa chief clerk and chief of division, $2,250* law clerk, $2,000; chief of division, $2,000; clerks-twvclve of class four, fourteen of class three, seventeen of class two, nineteen of class one, eight at $1,000 each, four at $900 each; two messengers; two assistant messengers; laborer; in all, $116,230. Employee, on m_ For compensation, to be fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury, of mmwaeem. such number of employees as may be necewary to tabulate by use of mechanical devices the accoimts and vouchers of the Interior resuming equip- Department; for the purchase, exchange, or rental of necessary ’“°“t‘ mechanical devices, and for the purchase of such supphes, mcludmg tabulating cards printed in the course of manufacture, and the making of such repairs as may be necessary to their maintenance and p,,,,,.,, operation, $14,000: Preceded, That the Secretziiy of the Treasury liqay, ,,_§,*;‘}‘;§f;‘{,’,§_*° ¤'·*°'” during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and teen, in his discretion, diminish the number of positions in the ades below that_of clerk at $1,200 per annum in the Office of the Aug-tor for the Interior Depart-