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LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. V11 Indum Afairs Cmnmisston, advances. Joint Resolution Authorizing the Secretary oi the Senate and Page the Clerk of the House of Representatives to advance to the chairman of the Commission appointed under the Act approved June thrrtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, such sums o money as may be necessary for the carryingon of the Commimion, and so forth. Se tember 11 1913 P 238 1{exiean disturbances. Joint Resolution To provide for the relief and transportation of destitute American citizens in Mexico. September 16, 1913 ..,. - - - 238 National Com Exposition, Dallas, Ter:. oint Resolution Authorizing the Secretary of Agriculture to make an exhibit at the Sixth National Corn Exposition, to be held at Dallas, Texas, during the month of February, nineteenhundred and fourteen. October 16,_ 1913 ... 239 World’s Purity Federation Congress. Jomt Resolution Authorizin%the President to appoint delegztes to attend the Seventh International Congress of the orld’s Purity Federation, to be 4 ld in the cig of Minneapolis, State oi Minnesota, November seventh to twelfth, nineteen hundred and . October 22, 1913 .,. . ..,...,,. _ ... 239 Congress Hall Celebration. Joint Resolution For the appointment of a joint comrmttee from House and Senate to attend Congress Hall celebration m Philadelphia in October, nineteen hun- H igid l%irteen. 1t})hctober;2, 1913. . .. gl. .. 239 01L8¢ ui `ng, fum` i . oi11tResoution oprovide orfurmsh1ng` e- tio rooms in the House Office Builngin . October 24, 1913 . . .. _: 240 Alaska storm suferers. Joint Resolution To relieve destitution among the native people and residents of Alaska. November 15, 1913 .. . - ... ., 240 STATUTE II—1913—14. Ministers to Paraguay and Uruguay. An.Act Authorizing the appointment of envoys extraordinary and ministers plenipotentiary to each Paraguay and Uruguaé. December 6, 1913. ... 241 Marine Cor e, Comrrumdant. An Act To make the tenure of the 0 ce of the major general commandzant; of the Marine Corps for a term of four years. December 19, 1913 , ,,,. 241 San Francisco, Cal., water supply. An Act Granting to the city and county of San Francisco certainrightsof wgy in, over, and through certain public lands, the Yosemite National Park, and Stanislaus ational Forest, certaiujands in the Yosemite National Park, the Stanis- 15 us Nzgzgorgl Ifgigst, and the public lands 111 the State of Cahfomna, and for other purposes, 242 r , - . . .,... -- . - Bureau. of Mines lmild·ing,`Pittslrurgh, Pa. An Act Amending an Act entitled “An Act to increase the limit of cost of certain public buildings, to authorize the enlargement, extension, remodeling, or improvement of certain public buildings, to authorize the erection and completion of public buildings, to authorize the purchase of sites for public buildings, and _ gg pghlgr purposes," approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen. December 251 Federal Reserve Act. An Act Tsaprovide for the establishment of Federal reserve banks to furnish an elastic currency, to ord means of rediscormting commercial {paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for o er purposes. December 23 1913 251 Intematimuzl Maritime Conference. An Act To provide for exgesfises of representatives of the United Sgatos at the International Maritime Conference for sty of Life at Sea. December 23,· 5 1 13 .. . 27 Bridge, Bagan Bartholomew. An Act To authorize the construction, maintenance, and operation of a ridge across the Bayou Bartholomew, at or near Wilmot, Arkanms. January 15, 1914. 275 Opium importation. An Act To amend_ an Act entitled "An Act to prohibit the importation and use of ogium for other than medicinal pnrposes," approved February ninth, nmeteen htmdred an nine. Janu 17, 1914 ... , ... _ .. _ . . . 275 Opium manufacture. An Actrhegulating the manufacture of smoking opium within the United States, and for other purposes. January 17, 1914 . ... 277 Judicial Code, removal of interstate commerce cases. An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act to codifg, revise, and amend the laws relating to the judicia.ry," approved March third, mne teen undrgd and elggexfé being chapter two hundred and thirty-one of Thirty-sixth Statutes 8 at Iarge. anuary 14 ... . . 27 Poetmasterf cZaims{or lowest An Act To amend the Act approved May ninth, eighteen hundred gud eighgeigi t, as amended by the Act of June eleventh, eighteen hundred and ninety-six. anuary 1, 914 . . 278 Right cggway, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Zkalz. An Act Granting to the Emigration Canon mpany a corporation of the State of Utah, permission, in so far as the :Um1Jed States is concerned, to occupy, for a right of way for its railroad track, a certain piece of land now included in the Mount Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake Coxmty, Utah. February 3, 1914 . 279 Postal mmuéi; orders. An Act To regulate the payment of postal money orders. February 6, 1914. 280 District of olumbth, houses of lewdness, etc. An Act To enjoin and abate houses of lewdnem, assignation, and prostitution; to declare the same to be nuisances; to enjoin the person or persons who conduct or maintain the same and the owner or agent of any used for such pplrpose, and to asses a tax against the person maintaining said nuisance and against the ` ding and owner thereof. February 7, 1914 . . ... - . ... 280 Bridge, Columbia Rwer. An Act Authorizing the construction of a brigge and approaches thereto across the Columbia River at or near Vancouver, Washington. ebruary 7 1914 .. . . . . . 282 Steamship: "B1u:lrrmn" and "Wateon." An Act To authorize the changing of the names of the steamships iiuclnnan and Watson. Februargilo, 1914. _ .. 282 Bridge, Mississnpps River. An Act To authorize the issouri, Kansas and Texas Rmlwa€•hCompany to_construct_aLbridge across the Mississippi River near the city of Hannibal, in e State of Mn