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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 3. 1913. 3] States: Provided further, That ncédpart of this sum shall be used for Mmmrepairing any roadway not own by the United States within the coyorate hmits of any city, town, or village. o part of any appropriation herein for national cemeteries or the p,°Lg*,§§,’f°° °° °”° “P‘ repair of roadways ereto shall be expended in the maintenance of more than a single approach to anfy national cemetery. Roadway conveyance to crt o Springfield, Missouri: The Secre· izl$i:$(i§¤iii°b¤m- tar·y of War is authorized and te to convey to the city of Spring- °*°'Y °°°¤'°Y°d ¤¤· — Eeld, Missouri, all the right and title of the United States in and to those portions of the Government approach roadway to the national cemetery near that city which lie within the prevent limits of said city upon the condition that the portion of the roadway so conveyed shall be kept olpen and maintained without exipense to the United States as a grb c street of the city of Springfiel and be available for the use of e public as an approach to sard cemetery, and that all expense incident to the conveyance herein authorized be borne by thiwrmed °i’ ?£§}"i“ii°1d‘ F xpenses fb an M I M `oin'ntsoiers:ore o int n °*¤ National Cemetery, or in thecemeteries of tl1 ct of ( mum' D' c` mdigent ex-Union soldiers, ex-sailors, or ex-marines of the United States service, either regular or volunteer who have been honorably discharged or retired and who die in the District of Columbia, to be disbursed by the Secretary of War, at a cost not exceeding $45 for such burial expenses in each case, exclusive of cost of grave, $3,000, · · opeéohglfmcif which sum shall be paid out of the revenues of the District ,,,§?,,",,,,‘f°"‘ D"“*’* 0 ra. { Antietam battle ield: For repair and preservation of monuments, ,,{§{"‘*°"‘“ ”°“'° tablets, observation tower, roads, and ences, and so forth, made P¤=¤¤¤•¤¤¤.¤¢¤· and constructed by the United States upon public lands within the lggmits of the Antietam battle field, near harpsburg, Maryland, ,000. For pay of superintendent of Antietam battle Held said superin- S°P°"“*°”""‘*~ tendent to perform his duties under the direction oi the Quartermaster Corps and to be selected and appointed by the Secretary of War, at his discretion, the person selected and appointed to this ‘ position to be an honorably discharged Unionsol r, $1,500. mmm t { mn Disposition of remains of oitlicers, soldiers, c1v1lian employees, and ¤r°m¤.¤,'i¤idrK$¤.,.¢a so forth: For the expenses of interment, or of preparation and transsortation to their homes or to such national cemeteries as may be ewnated by proper authority, in the discretmn of the Secretary of ar of the remains of officers, including acting assistant surgeons, and enlisted men of the Army active list, for the expenses of mterment, or of preparation and transggtlatron to their homes of the remains of civil employees of the y in the employ of the War Department who die a road, mclusive of Alaska, or on Army trans- Emu, mm am ports; for the expenses of removal of remains from abandoned posts drmed pom, ee. to permanent mrlita posts or national cemeteries, including the remains of Federal siildiers, sailors, or marines interred in fields or mm`) I to abandoned lkrivate and city cemeteries; and in any case where the mamuma. expenses of urial or shipment of the remains of officers or enlisted men of the Army who die on the active list are borne by individuals, where such expenses would have been lawful claims against the Government, reimbursement to such individuals may be made of the amount allowed by the Government for such services, to be paid out of the funds aippro riated by this Act, but no reimbursement shall be made un er Act of such erripenses incurred prior to the first day of July, nineteen hundred an ten, $57 ,500. Confederate Mound, Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago: For ¤B!'8,n¥l’0· “°°°d’ tection, and mamtenance of the plat of (gpund known as "Co ederate Mound" m Oakwood Cemetery, 'cago, $250.