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SIXTYJHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cs. 141. 1914. 481 watchmen; superintendent of building (Army Medical Museum and Library), $250; six laborers; chemist, $2,088; assistant chemist, $1,500; principal assistant librarian, $2,250 ; 0(pathologist, $1,800;

5;1,800; assistant hbrarian, $1,8 ; four charwomen;

in , , . OFFICE OF Cmmv OF ORDNANGF.: Chief clerk $2,250; chief of divi— 0m°°°°° Om"` sion $2,000; principal clerk, $2,000; c1erks—five of class four, seven of class three, twelve of class two, twenty-six of class one, nine at $1,000 each, four at $900 each; two messengers· assistant messenger; messengers-one $780, one $720; laborer; in all, $91,610. Hmm The services of skilled draftsmen and such other services not ac. °“‘""'m' clerical, as the Secretary of War may deem necessary, may be employed in the office of the Chief of Ordnance to carry into effect the various appropriations for the armament of fortifications and for the arming ang equipping of the Organized.Militia, to be paid from such a proriations, in addition to the amount specificall apipilrlppriateg for Hraftsmen in the Army Ordnance Bureau: d, t the entire {*,;,2*;**% expenditures for this dpurpose for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, ` nineteen htmdred an fifteen, shall not exceed $55,000, and the Secretary of War shall each year in the annual estimates reliprt to Congress the nuinber of persons so employed, their duties, and the amount paid to eac . Orman or Cmnr or Eusxmmizsz Chief clerk, $2,250; two chiefs of E"“"‘°°' °“‘°°· divisions, at $2,000 each; clerks—eight of class four, eleven of class three, thirteen of class two, sixteen of class one, ten at $1,000 each, eleven at $900 each; six messengers; three assistant messengers; two laborers; in all, $104,070. SEM mmm The services of skilled draftsmen, civil engineers, and such other sw. services as the Secretzz of War ma deem necessary, may be employed only in the office of e Chief of §n,%1ee1—s, to carry into effect the various appropriations for rivers and arbors, fortiiications, and surveys and preparation for and the consideration of river and harbor estimates an bills, to be paid from such appropgiationsz Provided, f',;,'g‘{f;,,,_ That the exlpenditures on this account for the cal year nineteen hundred an fifteen shall not exceed $50,400; the Secretary of War shall each year, in the annual estimates, report to Congress the number of ersons so employed, their duties, and the amount paid to each. Imam B Crmcn OF Bunmu or Insuun Armms: Law officer, $4,500; chief mu. md"` °' clerk, $2,250; clerks-ten of class four, seven of class three, eleven of class two, fourteen of class one, twelve at $1,000 each; three messenslers; two assistant messengers; four laborers; two charwomen; in , $87,230. umm M Drvxsrou or Mmmm Armms, Omen or Cnmr or- Srur: For the me cme. or cme following now authorized by section twent{v of the Act approved °'S‘°i’· January twenty-fi1st, nineteen hundred an three, as amen ed by vous p_ m_ the Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and eight, V 01 3 ' and as restricted by the legislative, executive, and judicial Act 7""7°5‘ a proved March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, namely: Chief clerk, $2,000; clerks-two of class four, two of class three, four of class two, ten of class one, eiglht at $1,000 each; meswer; assistant messenger; two laborers; one aborer $600 (transf from Army appropriation Act); two charwomen; two watchmen (transferred from Army appropriation Act); in all, $39,800. Rm For rent 0 quarters, $2,500. ' For miscellaneous exgenses, including stationery, fuel, light, fur- m’°°""“°‘"“‘ niture, telegraph and thephone service, and necessary printing and binding, $4,000, which sum, together with the foregoing amounts for salaries and rent, shall be paid from the permanent appropriation 4~¢·1=-35¤- for militia the provisions of section sixteen hundred and §;‘;f°·"gP·m sixty-one, Revised Statutes, as amended, and no other or further ’°' ' 91006°—vo1. 38—1>·r 1——31