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482 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. gums be ended from said appropriation for or on account of said Dlilgisilion gillillilitia Affairs duriiig the fiscal year nmeteen hunfifteen. cmuntmr ¤r¤¤¤¤· drglaorigmcmnr mxrmusns, Wan DEPARHIENTI For purchase of professional and scientific books, law books, including their exchange; books of reference, blank books, pamphlets, cals, newspapers (subscriptions to 'odicals may be gud or in advance), maps; typewriters and machines, inclus.u;g their exchange; furniture and repairs to same; carpets matting, o1l oth, file cases, towels, ice brooms, soap, s nges, fuel, gas, and heatvuég apparatus for and repairs to the bugldings (outside of the State, ar, and N avg Department Building) occupied b Adjutant General’s office, the ureau_of Insular Affairs, and the officr offices of the War Department and its bureaus located in the Lemon Building; for the purchase, exchange, care, and subsistpnce of horse? ind the purchase, maintenance, repahigz and exchange 0 w ns an orse-drawn assenger-carrym ve cles, and hamess, tzglie used only for officigl Eurposes; freight and express pharges; street car ticgkgss, not cx g $300; and other absolute n enses, ,000. samuory. For stztionery iormthe department and its bureaus and offices, $25,000. _ _ roman ¤¤¤¤1»- For postage stam for the department and 1ts bureaus, as required ?dte;·l tI}}e_Postal Ifiong go prepay postage on matters addressed to os mon coun es, . _ B¤¤*· For rent of b1u`ldings in the District of Columbia: Medical dispensary, Surgeon Genera1’s Office, $1 000; War Department, $7,200; Adjutant General’s Office, $1,500; Bureau of Insular Affairs, $720; in all, $10,420. ..,,’;··,‘:§;...,‘;r*i*·=**·=¤· PUBLIC Bnnmmes mn enomms. ,,gnP;’§';,V§;*g“°g*,'g “‘ Omen or runuc numnmes mn saomms: Sngmrintendent, $3,000; ' assistant and chief clerk, $2,400 ; clerks-one of ass four, one of class three, one of class two and stenographer, one of class one ; messenger; landscape architect, $2,400; s1u·veyor and drasftsman, $1,500; in al], $16,140. "‘""‘°“·°“’· For foremen, gardeners, mechanics, and laborers employed in the public grounds, $31,200. `”°““""“°“` i" *°"°‘&“° °f *’”Z‘ "¥““h1i”°°2cii’£°‘ am or secon se ean o ar wa en, . psyrom. For day watchginen, as ibllows: One in Franklin Park and adjacent reservations on New York Avenue; one in Lafayette Park; two in Smithsonian Grounds and neighboring reservations; one in Judiciary Park; one in Lincoln Park and ad'acent reservations; one in Iowa Circle and reservations to the northeast; one in Thomas and Scott Circles and neighboring reservations; one in Washington Circle and neighboring reservations; one m Dupont Circle and. neighboring reservations; one in McPherson Park and Farragut Square; one in Stanton Park and neighboring reservations; two m Henry and Seaton Parks and neighboring reservations; one mMount Vernon Park and reservations to the northeast; one in grounds south of the Executive Mansion; one in Garfield and Marion Parks and reservations to the east· one in Monument Park; three in Potomac Park; twenty- one in all at $840 each, $17,640. _ _ _ mgmoss. For lllélt watchmen, as follows: 'hvo m Smithsoman Grounds and neighbo reservations; one m Judiciary Park; two in Hem·y and Seaton Plzilxilcs and adjacent reservations; one in grounds south of the Executive Mansion; one in Monument Park; one in Garfield Park and neighboring reservations; one in Iowa, Scott, and Thomas Circles and neighboring reservations; one in Stanton and Lincoln Parks and neighboring reservations; one in Lafayette and McPherson Squares