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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 141. 1914. 485 each, two at $1,000 each, one $720; apprentice engravers—-one $800, one $700; plate printers-—chief $1,400, one $1,200, one $1,000, two at §9{])0 each; one $18;%; ;.pprent1ce plate$prmters—1pne $700, one $00; `t ograp ers——c 1,800, two at 1,000 eac apprentice 00· rocess photo apher, $1,600; lithogra hic transferer, $1,400; litho: graphic pressrgiren $1 400· photo aphib printer $1 200· two negativg c1£tters,lat ${,00:0 each; two lreeders, at $480 each elecitrptyper an c art p ate ma er, $1,400; assistant messenger; our a orershelpers-thro at $720 each, two at $660 each, one $600, one $500, one $480; in , $123,660. For purchase of copperplates, steel plates, chart paper, packing ummm. bpxes, char];. portfolios, electrotyping copper£l=}aites,dp‘ eaning copper ates; too , instruments, wer an materi or awin , engrav- &g, and printing; materialso for lmd mounting charts; reduction of charts by photography; pho tolithographing charts for immediate use · transfer of photolithographic and other c arts to copper; care and ide-pairs to painting presses, fgrsniiéture, Enstrupients, an tools; eixgtpa 8W1D• g an e avi ; tra ting rom oreign anguages· e- grams on publidlirusinlgs; the preiparation of Pilot Charts and, their rm cram. supplements, and the rinting an mailing of the same; purchase of data for charts and sailing directions and other nautical publications; books of referenize and works and periodicals relating to hydrogrgphy, marine meteoro o na ation, survey1n' g oceanograp y, an terrestrial 11&agn¢§.is}1§?rhndE<Es1he1i1p1£1<;.fessio1i;all agiig techngcal subjects connecte wit the wor o e y ograp 'c ce $2 ,000. _ Contingent expenses of branch offices at Boston, New York, Phila- :3cas. i?"lpti”‘a $¥“"°"§’ °i>°‘§§‘i1k’dSW'*“”;§" Eiiéw °’1"&“’ i““dFr§’2f&3‘i°’ W" oran e n, o an ame cago evean, 0 Duluth, Sault goainte Marie, Seattle, Panama, arid Galveston, includ; ing gurniture, fuel, lights, works and periodicals relating to lilydrogé ra y, marine meteoro o ,navigation, surveying oceanograp y an te1Prestri al magnetism, stgiionery, miscellaneous articles, rent and,care of offices, care of time balls, car fare and ferriage in visiting merchant vessels, freight agd expriless chaiglesatelegrgs, and other rglelceslglepy e rises incurre in co ecting e atest ormation or a o Clirleierts, and for other piuposes for which the offices were established, $1 1,000. For services of necess employees at branch offices, $17,960. _ ¤¤=1·¤¤v••¤· Fog-] 8A1lII1OI1!;hly Pilot&C-Earp] of ths l\T2>erth Ocean; showing NQ§§,§"$§{,,§’%cf;*,§f°· ' t matters o v ue an in res e mam ime comgiriiiiit; oflhe Pacific coast, and particularly the directions and forces of the winds to be expected duringlthe month succeeding the date of issue; she set and sgrength of it e curgents; (tihe fetal ng grounds; of wh es and seals; theregions o storm, og, an ice; epositionso derelicts and floating obstructions to navigation; the best routes to be followed by steam and by sail; expenses of communicating and circulatingl ipformaltion; lithogrgphing andhenglrawpngé (the purchase of materias oran rin' an m' tec ar, ,00. No expenditureIshaHi;1l;>1§incurred or authorized for pleursonal services Bt:¢§1¤¤$1 mmservjlces. or otherwise under the Hydrographic Office at Was gton, District gm "' of Columbia, during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen except as hergem authorise? by appropriations uéidpr theliavy Detpgrtment n er appropria ions t at may e ma e or rm 1 an mdmg. Or§AVAL Onssavaronrz Assistant astronome1;s—o1Iie§ $2,400, one Naw ¤bs¤rv¤wry. $2,000, one $1,800; assistant in department of nautical instruments, $1,600; clerks-—one ig class fepg, one of class two; mstrumentt maker; $1,’00; e ectrician 1,500; rarian $1,800; assistants- a $1,600 each, three ,at $1,400 each, two at $1,200 each; stenographer and typewriter, $900; foreman and captain of the watch, $1,000; carpenter, $1,000; engineer, $1 000; three firemen; six watchmen; elevator conductor, $720; mne laborers; in all, $44,240.