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486 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS.- Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. ¤¤¤¤P¤¤¤¤¤¤- For misce11' aneous com utations, $5,000. _ _ ¤*>¤¤¥· For professional and scientiiic books, of reference, periodicals (subscriptions to periodicals may be paid m advance), engravings, photographs, and fixtures for the library, $750. c¤¤u¤g¤¤¢¤¤v¤¤¤¤s For apparatus and instruments, and for repaus of same, $2 000. For airs to buildings, fixtures, and fences, furmture, gps, chemicals, args stationery, fre' ht (inclu issron of pu lic documents through thefSmil1t?hsoniande§1l e), forgergn poscgaggé 83161 remage ants, e ,an contrngen 6118 , » · Bxgor fuel; ol`], grease, pipe, wire, and other mater·ia•l:slp needed for the maintenance and repair of boilers, engines, heating apparatus, electric lighting and power plant, and water-supply system; purchase and maintenance of teams; material for boxrregl nautical mstruments for trapFs1portation;0g(2;.ints, telegraph and ephone service, and inciden labor, $8, . _ _ _ ogy M¤¤•¤¤•= Naurrcar. Anuarno Orrro1·::_ For assistants in preparing for pub- ' lication the American Ephemerrs and N autrcal Almanac——one $2,000, two at $1,600 each, twoi at $1,400 eaglébo three az $%200 each, two at $1,000 each; co tan typewriter, ; assis an messenger; mes·_ s erboy,$42l?(`¥;SinaH,$15,640. _ _ _ _ °°¤·v¤¤¤·¤·· align- pay of computers on iecework in reparing for publication the American Ephemeris and) Nautical Allrhanac and in improving the tables of the planets, moon, and stars, $7,000. ¤¤~·¤¤f¤¤¤·¤¤¤· Bmuuiu or Srmau Euennmnmcz Chief clerk, $2,250; clerksg°°°d°g' one of clas four, two of class three, two of class two, one $1,300, three of class one, one $1,100, four at $1 000 each, one $900; assistant memenger; laborers——two at $660 each, two at $600 each; messenger boy, $600; draftsman, $1,400; assistant drasftsmacn, $1,200; in all, $27 390. 'r¤¤¤¤h=¤¤¤¤rv¤=¤¤- Solzllhe of lfxlraftsmen and such other technipgl serviicesedas $e ret o e avy ma eem necessary may employ o y in thealgslrreau of Steam and at rates of compensation not exceeding those paid herermder prior to January first, nineteen hundred and thirteen to carry into effect the various appropriations for "Increase of the Navy" and "Steam machinery " to lib paid from {my-M the approtplriation "Steam machinery": Provided That the ’° ‘ tures on account for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and teen shall not exceed $37,000. A statement of the persons emlpilaifved herermder their duties, and the compensation pai to each s be made to Clongress each year in the annual estimates. ,,,§,“f,,§$,°,,‘§,,§{g,'f"‘“°‘ Burman or Corwsranerrou am: Rmmm: Chief clerk, $2,250; clerks—two of class four, three of class three, three of class two, three at $1,300 each, three of class one, nine at $1,100 each, fourteen at $1,000 each; fiye copyists; two assistant messengers; laborer; messenger boys——mne at $600 each, one $400; in all, $58,650. ’1‘•¤¤¤h>¤¤=ervi¤¤¤· The services of draftsmen and such other technical services as the Secretary of the Navy may deem necessary may be em loyed only in the Bureau of Construction and Repair and at rates of compensation not exceeding those paid hereunder prior to January first, mneteen hundred and thirteen, to carry into elfect the various §ppro_priations for ‘fIucrease of the Navy" and “Construction and epair,” to upard from the apgropriation “Construction and 1.m"¤',°;¤¤. Repair": Promd , That the exgen tures on this account for the fiscal year nmeteen hundred an fifteen shall not exceed $88,300. A statement of the persons employed hereunder, their duties, and the compensation paid to each rllrall be made to Congress each year in the annual estimates. _ B“'°°°°'°¤*¤¤¤¤¤· Bunrrau OF ORDNANOE: Chief clerk, $2,250; ordnance engineer, mechanical draftsman, and computer, $3 000; draftsman, $1,800; assistant draftsman, $1,400; clerk‘s—two oi, class three, two of clam