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488 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 141. 1914. street-car tickets not 6XG66d1Ilg· $250, freight, express e, postage t writers and computing machines and exchange dig same, and . oiggr absolutely necessary expenses of the Navy Delpartment and 1tS U,,¤°,, °' ¤,{_,’°’D°PP’°·, various bureaus and omees, $40,000; it shall not be awful to ewend, Lat mppuss mm- for any of the omees or bureaus of the Navy Dplpartment at ash- °“" ington, any sum out of appropriations made for e Naval Estabhsh— ment fool. any of the purposes mentioned or authorized m this Rm, * °’ *“***°¤·¤ P&f•`8o€·r:.£e rental of additional quarters for the Navy Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, in ver av, p. m. accordance with the authority contained in the Act a roved March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen (Statutes at Iigarge, volume thirty-seven, page seven hundred and seventy-one), $30,000. m ,,',:8‘f‘ Nolgart of any a propriations made for the naval service shall be expe ed for any oi the p herein proyrded for on account of the Navy Department at %ashington, Drstrrct of Columbia except for ersonal services in certain bureaus, as herein ressly authorized. P KP i¤*¤¤*¤D°P¤*¤¤·*- DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. ¤•¤¤¤·¤· ¤¤·¤·¢- Orucn or mn Smcnmanr: Secre of the Interior, $12,000- “"’°"’°T°‘“’° First Assistant Secretary, $s,090;sAsstiiiir¤t Secretary, $4,500; chief clerk, including $500 as superintendent of buildings, who shall be chief executive officer of the department and who may be designated by the Secretary to sign official papers and documents during the temporary absence of the Secretary and the Assistant Secretaries, ,;$g¤,c*;;¤¤¤&m¤¤P» $4,000; assistant to the Secretary, $2,750; assistant attorney $2,500; , ' two spemal mgeetors whose employment shall be to the mspectxon of 0 ces and the work rn the several oihees under the control of the_department, at $2,500 each; six inspectors, at $2,500 each; chief drsbursing clerk, $2,500; clerkrn charge of sup lies, $2,250; clerk m charge of mails, files, and archives, $2,250; dlerk in charge of publications, $2,250; private secretary to the Secretary, $2,500; clerks—four at $2,000 each, thirteen of class four eighteen of class three, twenty-one of class two twenty-four of ciass one, three at $1,000 each; returns office clerk, $1,600; female clerk, to be designated by the President, to sign land patents, $1,200; eight cop ts; multrgraph operator, $900; assistant multrgraph operator, $20; , ,,,,,,,,8;,,, mm,. typewriter repmrer, $900; two telephone switchboard o tors; ¤¤···¤»·¢°- nine messengers; seven assistant messengers; twenty-one iaborers; skilled mechanics-one $900, one $720; two carpenters, at $900 each; plumber, $900; electrician, $1,000; laborers-——one $600, six at $480 each; packer, $660; two elevator conductors at $720 each; gghtpharwomen; captain of the watch, $1,200; fyorty watchmen, drtaonal to two watcbmen acting as lreutenants of watchman at $120 each; engineer, $1,200; assistant engineer, $1,000; seven iiredggk to sign mw men clerk to sign, under the d1rection of the Secretary, in his name and or him, 1118 approval of all tribal to allottees and deeds for town lots made and executed according to law for any of the Five

 Tribes of Indians m the Indian Territory, $1,200; in all,

"'**°‘°’°*·*°*·* M Olil Post Office De artm t b ‘1di¤ · Engin · · OHM Dqieriment , _P 011 *11 · eer and el trrcran "““*”¤¢- $1,000; asmstant engineer, $1,000; rss? firemen; three wgtichmen; actrng as lreutenants, at $840 each;_twen% watchmen; elevator conductor $720; fourteen l8»b01'61S;D1l16 la rers, at $480 each; Gtlgcrole skiglodsrgmgcgrgalmm (pamter, carpenter, and plumber), at $900 scrrtntrs .,_ ? m » » · Ugg: an Owner: OF Tm: Soucrron mn Tm: Dnranrmnm cr rm; Irvrnnronz ’ Three members of a board of appeals, to be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, at $4,000 each; assistant attorneys—one $3,000,